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  1. JTarnow

    BJ73 timing mark

    I've searched like crazy and not found anything useful. The timing mark on the crank pulley... The engine manual (RM132E) only talks about one mark on the pulley. There are three on mine. Two about 1cm apart, and another maybe 5cm away. Which of these is TDC? Thanks for the help all. I'm...
  2. JTarnow

    Help needed - water pump failure in Indianapolis

    So the water pump on my 85 BJ73 just went out about 300 miles from home on my way to GSMTR. Toyota says the nearest pump is in Portland Oregon. Any ideas/possibilities/thoughts. At this point my leading theory is to have spector overnight one here and stay the night.
  3. JTarnow

    TCCC this year?

    I miss having a TLCA event within 6 hours or me.
  4. JTarnow

    Factory MWB Jump Seats?

    So I saw this picture in this ebay listing. Was this a factory thing or did someone just add these in down in South America?
  5. JTarnow

    3B crank pulley

    So my crank pulley/harmonic balancer/whatever it is has decided to transform from one piece to two pieces. The part that bolts on the crank is bonded to the alternator drive pulley with some rubber stuff and that has disintegrated. Any idea where to get a new crank pulley? I don't care about the...
  6. JTarnow

    TCCC 2016?

    Is it gonna happen this year? or is it to early to ask.
  7. JTarnow

    What's a factory winch and bumper worth?

    I have a factory Aisin 24v planetary winch in the Toyota 70 series winch bumper. I've got all the parts, winch controller and everything. It all works just fine, I've used it once or twice for farm work and such. I'm looking at doing something different with the front end so my question is whats...
  8. JTarnow

    RHD confusion

    I've solved the problem of people going up the the wrong door once and for all. Drivers door: And the passenger door:
  9. JTarnow

    My Diesel gelling adventure in a little town in Wisconsin

    I live in the midwest about the same latitude as Des Moines or Chicago so it gets pretty cold here, but not unreasonably so. I've never had trouble with the 3B starting or running in the winter, I've heard stories of diesel gelling but I *know* the stations around here sell winter mix stuff...
  10. JTarnow

    So I was digging through the parts pile..

    And look at this cool thing I found. Does anyone know the history of the glass fuel filters? (what years, body styles, etc they were used in)
  11. JTarnow

    Project Supahcheap - A fully functional 40 for $1000 - Can it be done?

    So the truck: Its a '71 thats been very red-necked together. The surprising part is mechanically its almost all original. Original F motor, original 3speed with a column shift. Rochester 2 bbl carb. The wiring is all hacked to s***. Its got junk yard (maybe honda) seats in it that will go as...
  12. JTarnow

    In case you were wondering how far they'll tip....

    I had my BJ73 with a 2.5" OME lift and 235/85 r16's (~32") up to 35 deg last weekend without it rolling over. I figure thats pretty good and it didn't feel like it had more than maybe 5 deg more in it. So haw far have you had yours? Sorry for the crappy picture, its a still from a video once...
  13. JTarnow

    3B oil pressure

    I'm just wondering what an acceptable oil pressure is for a 3B. My oil pressure gauge always reads somewhere in the bottom third of the scale, it obviously changes with revs but I've never seen it break the 1/3 line. Is this ok? This is about average oil pressure for city driving.
  14. JTarnow

    Putting the front porch to use

    My truck is a bj73 with the optional front porch and aisin winch. I don't have the cash for an arb or anything so I've been trying to figure out what to do with it for awhile. In its stock form it's great for sitting on or as a tool bench but not much more. I was looking at and wondering what I...
  15. JTarnow

    Sagged suspension, what to do?

    I have a 1985 BJ73 with 180,000 km on it and the front suspension is almost completely flat. There is at most 1 cm between the bump stop and the axle. There isn't any special weight on the front end, just a stock winch bumper/ winch. So my question is what it the best way to solve this? New...
  16. JTarnow

    For Sale  Make an offer old Chevy V8 w/ 3 speed.

    We are parting out a fj40 that had a chevy v8 conversion installed in it. This is a complete kit. Ok the bad: The truck has sat for at least two years since it was last run but it does turn over. When we drained the oil there was a very small amount of water in it. I don't know what the...
  17. JTarnow

    3B crappy fuel economy

    I have a 1985 jdm bj73 with a 3b motor. It is the style with the rotary injection pump, which was just replaced for different reasons. My fuel economy seems real bad, I'm getting about 16mpg or 15 l/100k. Shouldn't a 3b do way better than that? It has been the same with both pumps and I believe...
  18. JTarnow

    What hubs

    Prob a dumb question but does anyone know what kind of hubs these are. I cant find any info on them.
  19. JTarnow

    let's play name that turbo

    This came on a 3fe fj80, can anyone tell my what kind of turbo it is?
  20. JTarnow

    Wanted  3B rotary injection pump

    I am looking for a 3B rotary injection pump for a 1985 jdm bj73. My understanding is that the rotary pumps were only put on the jdm trucks.
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