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  1. southerncruiser62

    Something you don’t see in a pic everyday

    Correct. Portals/4 wheel steer, lockers.
  2. southerncruiser62

    Something you don’t see in a pic everyday

    Well I’ve been fairly quiet recently but wanted to share an update. Haven’t really had a lot of time to work on my trucks recently but a few months back I was picking up Shelley a new truck and on the ride up with a buddy stumbled upon something unique, some might say the Holy Grail! Well with...
  3. southerncruiser62

    Wanted: Warehouse storage space

    Anyone aware of warehouse space available for vehicle storage in Charleston area? Looking to store two vehicles indoors.
  4. southerncruiser62

    Camp host Steve

    More sad news. I spoke with Steve a few times and he had mentioned how respectful this group was of the property and group camp. Was always on our side, running others off at times even when off duty. He’ll be missed.
  5. southerncruiser62

    SOLD Charleston, SC-2006 LX470-White

    Truck is sold to a fellow mudder, excited for new owner.
  6. southerncruiser62

    SOLD Charleston, SC-2006 LX470-White

    Will keep everyone updated.
  7. southerncruiser62

    SOLD Charleston, SC-2006 LX470-White

    All PMs replies too. Deposit received. Will keep others updated in order of messages received should anything fall through.
  8. southerncruiser62

    SOLD Charleston, SC-2006 LX470-White

    PM replied
  9. southerncruiser62

    SOLD Charleston, SC-2006 LX470-White

    Underside and third row seats (still in dealer plastic).
  10. southerncruiser62

    Official ONSC member buying/selling thread

    Jon-is the frame any good? Could use a 69’ frame.
  11. southerncruiser62

    SOLD  Charleston, SC-2006 LX470-White

    Selling my wife’s LX470. Truck is located in Charleston,SC. If anyone wants to ask about maintenance feel free to reach out to anyone in Olde North State Cruisers (ONSC) as I do my own maintenance and they know my trucks. 2006 LX 470 White on tan 170093 current miles, drive periodically so...
  12. southerncruiser62

    Events/Trails 2020 ONSC Christmas Party @ The Barn

    Not going to make it this year-y’all have fun. Might be the first one I’ve missed in all this years.
  13. southerncruiser62

    TWT -- The Wrenching Thread

    Did a little wrenching on a new one last night. Side cover gasket. Not sure it’d ever been replaced since 86’. Also did inner and outer speedometer gaskets on trans. Many often forget there’s more than an external o-ring. Don’t forget the internal one as well. Next up is oil pan once the...
  14. southerncruiser62

    New Member

    Very nice and welcome, great group of individuals in this group!
  15. southerncruiser62

    The Fishing Thread

    Fished Friday and today in about 12 spots around ICW and harbor with our friends at Redfin! Today wind kicked up pretty good so created a good bit of murky water and less than favorable swales.
  16. southerncruiser62

    The Fishing Thread

  17. southerncruiser62

    For Sale/Wanted To Buy

    I have an 06 LX I would consider selling
  18. southerncruiser62

    SOLD Collierville, TN 2010 Lexus LX570

    Has this truck sold?
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