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  1. prado t

    For Sale  cable locked 5 speed HJ 61 for sale 1988

    Hi every one ! I said I would never do this but life has taken a sharp turn. Anyhow I dont have time to post pics . To view pics there is a thread in 60 series tch called "Our HJ-61 from Radd Cruisers" The good Exellent efficient 12H-T H55f 5 speed AC blows cold power windows work...
  2. prado t

    Anyone into doing a long trip.

    Just wondering if any of the guys will be going on a long trip this year and if so can I come along. My trail machine has gone through a mild re-fit ie Safari Tough clutch, re sprung bushings pins and shocks. Trailer or Trailerless depending on the terrain , Just as long as we have time to...
  3. prado t

    Another 3000kms with the MB-T

    The first shot is a mine outside of Eholt Middle , most of the roads are good shape even though a D6 just scuffed the surface I laughed at the travel advisory sign
  4. prado t

    Dont let fridge supply voltage get low

    Well, on my last 2 weeker I was at a place where I got too comfortable . I stayed 4 days , ie no exploring with the cruiser. I on the second nite started the cruiser and ran it for 20 mins. I opened the bonnet and saw that I had 2 green eyes on my marine lead acid batteries, so I didnt even...
  5. prado t

    12v key 8274 into a 24v spur gear

    Here is the winch in its original shape since 1978
  6. prado t

    Toyota forklift diesel motor

    I was visiting a lumber re-man the other day and saw this; it looks to be a DI non turbo 12H Any how there were a few Toyota forklifts working, I kept hearing what sounded like a 2H. I asked the manager if I could see this forklift up in person. ( The manager looked at me kind of funny)...
  7. prado t

    Bushwaking the Alexander Mackenzie Trail

    Great Article on the trip guys! If I can remember right , I thought Gary T doesnt like his presence to be known, LOL. Now I know what Mr Lampard looks like. One thing though, for our friends down south , they have no idea where B.C. is, so a map of B.C. and the rough lines of the trail would...
  8. prado t

    1942 MB-T

    The PO put in the teak inserts on the floor and moved the hand brake. 4 grab handles (MB-T shouldnt have any) and put a bumper on the back.
  9. prado t

    Our HJ 61 from Radd Cruisers

    Dad and I picked this perfectly good HJ 61 , cable lockers that work perfectly , this 12H-T is more efficient than my 13B-T. And best of all it cleaned up nicely with some patena on the decals and H55F . The driveline is very tight on this princess .
  10. prado t

    Some 35s and a BJ74

    315 75 R16 Cooper Discoverer STTs with Pro-Comp 98 series 16x8 They have a 3ply sidewall carcass,. These tires work WELL! Much quieter than the old Yokos. At full articulation the tires tuck inside the wells no rubbing no scrubbing.
  11. prado t

    Miller 140 or Lincoln 140

    Hi Team, I like many others here have some mid sized projects that I would like to do now that I have some room and metal stock to use. I am a beginner stick welder and have some funds for a MIG welder. Both machines are the same price. I would like the Miller 180 but I believe it is 220 volt...
  12. prado t

    A cold weather trip

    This is the last trip with 33s
  13. prado t

    Heading out this weekend!

    Hey crew! I have been out every weekend so far. Looking forward to some colder weather adventure. Will be at the meeting this thursday if anyone wants to join in and have any ideas where to go. High or low altitude, it will be the last adventure with the 32.9s (wearing out)and before the...
  14. prado t

    My New 3" exhaust, Works Good

    Hi guys , been doing a few upgrades for my single vehicle trips( anyone is welcome) I am getting tired of gravel travel. I pre dowelled my front axle for it to be able to move 1" forward for 36" tyres in a month or two. Anyways here is my 3" exhaust from turbo to tail with a bypass. Major...
  15. prado t

    Have you seen this?

    Last summer we did this.
  16. prado t

    Last Summers trip, Vancouver to N.W.T.

    Here are a few pics from last summer. Remember when fuel was 1.50 a liter Canadian, I do. Right after our Coastal Cruiser club run to Earnst Lake (Kamloops area) we repacked the BJ 74 to drop Carolyns son to his Grandpas place in Grande Prairie , Alberta , we decided to live out of the BJ for...
  17. prado t

    1989 BJ 74 split case for sale

    Tranfer case hase roughly 123,000kms HI and LOW , 4wheel and 2 wheel drive work awesome, comes with extra gaskets ( new in the Box) , Reason for selling , I bought a complete case with MARK's low range gears .Set up for H55F 550.00 bucks
  18. prado t

    I just picked up my waeco cf 110

    Just picked it up 2008 model for 350bucks never been ou of the house or used , the PO are moving to AUS. I am happier than a pig in s***. IT IS HUGE 106 liters , the back seat is coming out of the BJ 74. WAECO CF 110
  19. prado t

    The new ARB fridges look cheap

    Well I have made up my mind ! After looking over ENGEL , ARB and WAECO, I am going with a WAECO CF110 , I wouldn't pay 1000buck for a ( what looks like a cheap peice of toy plastic plus the hinges are still the wrong way. WAECO it is!
  20. prado t

    AltFuel  My 13B-T will run on HYDRAULIC FLUID

    Now before anyone says what a polluting bastard, an incident happened last week where I was servicing heavy equipment. Anyways my BJ 74 started sputtering (ran out of fuel) guage read 1/3 tank . Well its fixed now. I was 5km from the machines and 80km from the nearest fuel station . Well I had...
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