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    Wanted  Offenhauser 2bl manifold for 2F

    I would like to put a holley 2bl style throttle body fuel injection on it. I currently have a webber on the stock manifold and for the most part it runs really well. The thing that annoys me about this setup is how rich it it runs. So rich that I'm worried that I'm washing the cylinders. 2F's...
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    For anyone about to do a knuckle rebuild on a 60

    Have a look at this. Probably old news around here. I didn't see it mentioned in any of the knuckle rebuild threads. This and a mar-tack would make it much easier for trail repair. I plan to rebuild my knuckles this weekend so it really caught my eye. I'd be tempted to do this on any 60 as...
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    Ford extended shock tower questions.

    I see two options to get the top to fit under the inner fender well. Cut or beat the inner fender well to fit. How much room does it take to make it fit? Would a 1 1/4" body lift get it to clear? Something like this (or other body lift): Trailer Parts Superstore - 3" YATES Boat Trailer Keel...
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