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  1. meatloaf

    Best Non OEM Power Steering Pump

    Is there a good non Toyota power steering pump? Trying to save some money to use in other things for the 100. Mine is starting to growl and steering switches between soft and hard when turning. My truck is an ‘04. Thanks!
  2. meatloaf

    SOLD  Austin TX. Trail Tailor 100 Series Bolt-On Sliders

    Bought the sliders from Jason about 2 years ago, had them on my truck for 6 months, pulled off and have been sitting in my garage for a while. $675
  3. meatloaf

    Rear third member issues

    So in the last 2 to 3 weeks as I’ve been driving my truck I could hear a hum when I would let go of the accelerator, the last couple of days the hum sounded more like a grind, similar to when the brake pads are completely worn and you hear the metal on metal grind... I though it may have been...
  4. meatloaf

    SOLD  Austin TX: 100 Series ARB Bullbar for 60 Series ARB Bullbar

    I have a 3 year old 100 series ARB Bull bar with winch mount that I am wanting to trade for a 60 series full bar in similar condition, must also have the winch mount. Mine has a pinstripe on the passenger side and one of the light bases is bent a little . Located in Austin
  5. meatloaf

    Rubber window seal/guide

    Not sure what the official name is but I’m wondering if there is something I can do to lubricate the rubber window guide. Every other time when I roll my driver side window down the guide sticks to the window and and comes out of its place, this makes it hard to crank the window up or down...
  6. meatloaf

    Wanted  2004 100 Series Wheels

    Getting rid of the tundra wheels and going back with 100 series wheels. I am in Austin TX thx, ML
  7. meatloaf

    Wanted  100 Series Roof Rack Corners

    need all 4 for my 2004 thx, ML
  8. meatloaf

    RTH: Timing belt idler Allen bolt will not tighten

    I am replacing the timing belt on my truck and now it’s time to tighten things up. I am trying to tighten the the Allen head bolt on the belt idler and it wants to tighten but just spinned as if threads were stripped, I backed out the bolt and it looks like whoever did the first timing belt...
  9. meatloaf

    Replacing timing belt, old one is almost at 5° on the crankshaft

    So I am changing the timing belt on my ‘04 w/203k miles... I aligned the two cam marks and crankshaft mark is around 4°. Is this normal? Do I just pull belt and move crankshaft back for the new belt?
  10. meatloaf

    Broken bolt on hub

    I have a broken bolt on one of the front hubs... is there a way to remove this small broken bolt? It’s been like this for years with no issues but since I am doing a complete brake job (including rotors), I figure I’d fix this.
  11. meatloaf

    Wanted  100 series rear lower control arms Austin TX

    wanted 1 or both lower control arms for my '04. shipped to 78748
  12. meatloaf

    Need to loosen bent u-bolts on front springs

    I was ready to install some 4° shims I received from @orangefj45 but the two front u-bolts got bent on the rocks at the recent LSLC Roundup... Can I heat these up and try to straighten? If I heat them up will it affect integrity of the bolts? Should I just order a new pair?
  13. meatloaf

    T case experts: Early TC/4-sp tranny or 34mm split/4-sp behind 3FE

    In the (long) process of starting to assemble my 75 FJ40... It came with the tc/4 sp tranny in the attached pictures. I also have a 34mm split case and 4 speed laying around. Which would be better behind a 3FE? Any or much difference? Is the older TC called a 3 speed? Thanks, Luis
  14. meatloaf

    Truck sat for about 8 years, spongy (4 runner caliper) brakes, going back to original setup

    So my 1983 60 did not run for about 8 years and finally got it going and enjoying it again... brakes were terrible at first start, changed bad rear wheel cylinders, adjusted rear brakes and bled the fluid several times because pedal would go all the way to the floor. I finally got the air...
  15. meatloaf

    Very Slow 75 FJ40 Build tranny/tc questions

    So I am going to try to start assembling my 1975 FJ40. It going to have a 3FE... my question is regarding which tranny & TC to use since I swapped out the drum brake axles for some 76 front disc axles. Should I use the 4sp transmission and tc (with drum brake) that came with the 75? or I have...
  16. meatloaf

    @orangefj45 Twin Sticks, Hi/Lo Pops Into Neutral

    So I took my 60 out for a ride after the NV4500 rebuild... I also rebuilt TC and installed Georg (@orangefj45) twin sticks and the hi/lo lever started popping into neutral, so I am having to slow down quite a bit or stop to push it back up. I get going and after a while it pops into neutral...
  17. meatloaf

    Who’s going to RO?

    So Roundup is about 2.5 weeks away... who’s going?
  18. meatloaf

    Slip yoke & rear drive shaft

    How much gap should I have between the rear slip yoke and the driveshaft? I took measurements using the guidance of a thread here where you jack up the truck and measure... I had the driveshaft shortened to accommodate for the NV4500 but probably got the measurements wrong. There is less than...
  19. meatloaf

    Need Advice, Water in The Transmission (NV4500)

    Need expert advice since I am trying to save $100 on the NV4500 oil if possible. Tranny was completely rebuilt after running it with no oil. I filled it up with 5 quarts of redline mt85. Ran out of time to begin the install so I left it next to the truck, some heavy rains/wind came down...
  20. meatloaf

    I guess Toyota copied my idea

    Tacoma bed trailer 😉
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