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  1. The Phoenician

    PINS run?

    I'm gauging interest in doing a PINS run either on May 30-31 or June 6-7. Probably drive all the way to mile 60 camp overnight and come back. Any interest?
  2. The Phoenician

    Gauging interest in a PINS run

    Thinking about an overnight at the 60-mile marker at PINS on May 30-31 or June 6-7. Is anyone interested?
  3. The Phoenician

    Good Powder Coating Shop

    Anyone know or recommend a good quality shop that can do powder coating? Prefer central Austin and North if possible. Thanks.
  4. The Phoenician

    How fast can you safely drive in 4wd?

    I've had several 4wd vehicles over the years and they safely drive with all 4 wheels pulling at different speeds. My Tacoma can shift into 4wd while moving and I think I can safely drive it up to 60 mph. I've not done half that speed in my 62 because I don't want to break it. So my question...
  5. The Phoenician

    BBQ, CAMPING AND WHEELING Friday 12th Saturday 13th

    Thinking of camping Friday the 12th at Lee's place near Liberty Hill. BBQ all day/evening Friday with some adult beverages. Camp the night and head out the next morning to Hidden Falls for some wheeling. Let us know if you're interested, message me or @LKirk302 for address and details. We'd like...
  6. The Phoenician

    Anyone know this guy?

    Any details on what happened here?
  7. The Phoenician

    Holster mounts

    Curious to see if anyone has pics of where they have their holsters mounted in their cab and what pros and cons they have experienced.
  8. The Phoenician

    MUDShip  Off Road Trailer From Orlando FL to Central TX

    In the process of buying a camping trailer from Orlando, FL area and need to get it to Central TX. I'm currently on a deployment, so I can't drive down there myself. Anyone making the trip, or does anyone know of the most economical way to get it shipped? Thanks in advance.
  9. The Phoenician

    Camping trailer info

    Can anyone check this out or get me any information on this home built trailer? I need to know of it can support a RTT, and what all come with it and what work if any needs to be done to it ( rust issues, paint etc..). Selling my jeep camping trailer Any additional info like how easy it would...
  10. The Phoenician

    Round Up 2016 pictures

    Post up what pictures you took.
  11. The Phoenician

    Big Bend Trip

    OK folks, let's see how many are interested in another fun Big Bend Trip. We're thinking of doing the state park this time (more rugged and more fun). I'm game to go as soon as I get my air lockers installed, so really I'm at the mercy of Edwin's schedule. Let's see how many are interested and...
  12. The Phoenician

    last tuesday of the month

    so ..... we meeting tomorrow?
  13. The Phoenician

    May PINS trip ( part 2/the revenge)

    OK folks, rescheduling the PINS trip to MAY since the dates didn't work for most of us. Let's post up what works for our schedules and who's willing to go. Thanks.
  14. The Phoenician

    Meating at Rudy's?

    Is we is or is we ain't meating tomorrow? Just asking so i know what to wear and to bring my truck.
  15. The Phoenician

    April PINS run

    Looking to do another PINS run in April. Last year we had a blast, looking to do the same this year. Thinking Friday, Saturday and returning Sunday. Camping, fishing and wheeling in the sand to the 60th mile. I can do the weekend of the 3rd-5th or the 10th-12th or the 17th-19th. I'm out of...
  16. The Phoenician

    Round Up Grub and things

    Ok let's start posting who's bringing what to Round Up. I'll compile the list as you decide what you're bringing. Saturday morning breakfast: 1) 2 Dozen Eggs- Dave of the clan Gonzalez 2) Breakfast meats- Edwin (Grasshopper) 3) Tortillas- Lee ( SeaKnight) 4) Salsa- Craig Hall 5) Cheese-...
  17. The Phoenician

    October meeting??

    Just so I know what I'm driving to work, are we having a meeting tomorrow?
  18. The Phoenician

    One owner all her life

    Gents, here is a rare 62 that's going up for sale this week. I've been tracking the owner for a few months and finally met up with him yesterday. He's owned her since he bought her from the dealership in 1989 and has always serviced her at the Toyota dealership. I didn't get mileage or anything...
  19. The Phoenician

    Land Cruiser Submarine

    I saw this and had to walk it off. Pants are still tight.
  20. The Phoenician

    States where a 4bt would be allowed

    This may be premature but I might be taking a government job in the next few months. I need to know how to rank my location preferences. My question is this, what states have the easiest inspections and would allow me to keep my 62 4bt ? Here's what I have so far: ALABAMA: No inspections...
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