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  1. iwashmycar

    SOLD  (5) 295/75r16 General Grabber AT2 - Columbus, OH

    SOLD SOLD SOLD (5) 295/75r16 General Grabber AT2. Even wear. (4) have 10-11/32 and the fifth is nearly new at 15/32+ Asking $400 OBRO. Shipping would probably kill any sort of deal, so lets keep it local. Can call or tezt 614.five-zero-six.2017 if you prefer. -Adam
  2. iwashmycar

    - F Cancer - July 18 2015 - Southington Offroad Even - Garrettsville, OHIO

    *Event* :) This benefits one of our local FJ buddies' best friends' daughter. Wanted to share here. I plan to attend so long as the weather is decent! This event isnt showing on the actual SOR website, but in case you need park info:
  3. iwashmycar

    May 2-3 - Southington Offroad Park - NE Ohio

    Planning to get out and get some dirt on the tires April 4th. Changed title to update for May. 2nd-3rd. Most I know of are going Sunday the 3rd at 11 am. Wanted to start a thread in case anyone is game. Southington Offroad Park is in Garrettsville, Ohio. Better info in my last thread ...
  4. iwashmycar

    Feb. 7-8 2015 Southington Offroad Park - NE Ohio

    So I am thinking about going up to Southington for their first opening of 2015. Just wanted to share in case others wanted to join. For me, it all depends on weather, but there are other more local FJ guys who usually attend regardless.
  5. iwashmycar

    For Sale  (5) 100 series 16x8 5-spoke LC wheels.

    I wan to preface that this is my second post on these boards. Don't let that deter you I lurk a little here and there, but I have 5,484 posts and counting on the fjcruiserforums. I have bought, sold, and given away plenty using forums. :)...
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