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  1. raymond2335

    SOLD  ARB bumper

    Have an ARB front bumper. Came off my 1987 60. Heavy duty for sure. Will throw in a rear bumper fab’d. Consider trade for factory front and rear bumper off 1987 fj60 319. 321. 1824. Ray
  2. raymond2335

    60 & 62 smog pump interchange?

    1987 fj60 smog pump pulley bearing is bad... I’m not wanting to desmog at this point.... just the thought of all those vacuum lines makes my head spin. I want to replace the pump. Plenty of 62 pumps available but no 60 available in my area. Are they interchangeable??
  3. raymond2335

    Selling 1/2 Tub

    1979+. Also tub off ‘71. 71 is well used. Not bad condition. 79+ Was fitted and removed so new aside from drilled spot welds. Pm me for pics, details and prices.
  4. raymond2335

    For Sale  1/2 tub for '73 Iowa city

    I have a brand new 1/2 tub from Land Cruiser Heaven in Miami. Built in Columbia. I bought this new, mounted it to the front half of tub. Wouldn’t fit my body mount locations. So it is in brand new condition besides the Spot weld drill holes on front edge
  5. raymond2335

    Parts for sale... Where do i post?

    I have fj40 parts that need to go to make room.... Where do i post?
  6. raymond2335

    Coolerman’s wire harness

    Greetings, does anybody know if Coolerman is still building wire loom’s?
  7. raymond2335

    Blinker cancel... 1971

    Apparently my blinkers are supposed to self cancel after A turn. I’m missing something, or is misadjusted. Does anybody have a picture or diagram of the inner workings of the turn signal switch?
  8. raymond2335

    For Sale  (4) BF Goodrich 285/75/15

    The tires have less then 50 miles on them. They are in excellent condition, no scuffs or repairs. 285/75/15 Raymond 319-321-1824 Eastern Iowa.... $600 obo
  9. raymond2335

    For Sale  285/75/15 BF Goodrich all terrain tires

    I have a set of (4) tires I just swapped on my fj40... They have no more then 50 miles on them. They are 285/75/15. BF Goodrich all terrain, AT. Excellent shape... No nicks or abnormal wear.... I'm in eastern Iowa... Raymond 319-321-1824 Im asking $600
  10. raymond2335

    For Sale  FJ40 Best top soft top and doors

    I need to sell my old Best top soft top (black vinyl), frame and soft doors with matching windows. Everything needed for soft top. I'm asking $450 for everything. Great shape... Only issue is small hole in rear window...(from folding in winter) I will produce pictures as soon as I lay...
  11. raymond2335

    Lights out!

    Driving home last night at 10 pm my headlights flickered once and went out. I checked all fuses... twice. The running lights still work as do blinkers but no headlights. My starting point is to check for power Leaving fuse panel and go from there. Ol’ reliable isn’t living up to its name...
  12. raymond2335

    Probably looking right at it...

    What would cause my fuel gauge my temperature gauge and my oil pressure gauge to all stop working at the same time? 1971 fj40
  13. raymond2335

    disc brake conversion hiccups

    I know there are thousands of disc brake conversion posts, so I apologize if this has been covered. I wasnt able to find help on FAQ I went ahead and swapped out my front drum brakes for disc (71 fj40) New calipers, discs, rubber lines and a new master cylinder off of a 91 toyota pickup. I...
  14. raymond2335

    Washer pump wiring question

    Just received my new wiper switch all the way from Japan! It has a spade on the side of the switch That will activate the Washer fluid pump If you twist the knob. I don’t remember having a lead on my wire harness for this purpose. How can I run a wire to make my washer pump function? On...
  15. raymond2335

    Frame vs Body mounts

    I ordered a rear half tub from Landcruiser Heaven last year. I let them know what year of fj40 I had (71). After much work and long hours, It came time to set the body onto the frame. The front half of the tub (original portion) obviously lined up with the mounts, but the new rear half tub...
  16. raymond2335

    Electric (rear) heater motor not spinning

    I noticed that my rear heater ran only on high. When I would click it to low it would run out of Power and stop. I disassembled, cleaned and lubricated... jump ahead, it’s reassembled but I get nothing when I power on. As a matter fact, the motor and fan spins freely before I turn the switch...
  17. raymond2335

    Landcruiser Machanic in Iowa?

    I’m NOT taking my fj40 to an “ordinary” Machanic.... been there done that.... I need someone who knows their way around an fj40. I live in eastern Iowa.....
  18. raymond2335

    Weak spark while starter is engaged

    ive had a long history with electrical issues on my 1971 fj40. The latest is weak or no spark while cranking the engine over... it wants to start after I let off the starter. I’m not electrically inclined... but I know there is some mechanism to increase power to the starter when starting. This...
  19. raymond2335

    73 fuel gauge, 71 sending unit

    73 fuel gauge, 71 sending unit My instrument cluster is from a 73 FJ 40. My fuel tank/float is 71. When full, the display shows half. I’m assuming I need a new ‘73 sending unit by the sounds of the other threads. The gauge does go up and down with the float, only doesn’t read...
  20. raymond2335

    Dumb question... front end

    I have here a 1997 80 series that clunks when turning tight circles. I’ve owned several and this is the first that feels like an old farm truck when I turn on pavement. Bind clunk... it looks like someone has been into the transfer case. there has to be a clutch of some sort that could be...
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