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  1. HardyDanger

    For Sale  80 series. Tie rods. Front arms, and springs

    Bay Area - Nor Cal Fresh off a ‘97 80 series. all in good condition: Local pick up. Cash. Make offer. Tie Rod. Steering Rod Linkage. Front Lower Control Arms. Front Springs. Rear Springs. Front Springs. Rear Springs.
  2. HardyDanger

    For Sale  80 series: BAY AREA - new OEM panhard bushings and LCA stuff

    Howdy. I botched a partsouq order: see image for what I have. Also, I will be selling my front lower control arms in the next couple weeks once I take them off. Ping me if interested. Make me an offer :) shipping will be another $8-12 via flat rate box (if not local pick up) (I've already...
  3. HardyDanger

    Fix: Rear Slider Window Louver Leak – in 10 complicated steps

    This write up is about as detailed as I can make it, it was a pain in the A$$, but worth it. Water inside your truck has no business being there. As proof this worked, it rained 12hours last night, a hard driving pacific coast rain, and there was zero ingress. I found a few very helpful thread...
  4. HardyDanger

    2021 Shock Therapy

    Ok here goes folks. This is the pre-build post as I start to gather supplies. I'm finally getting into the “fun part” of therapy. I think after my 2020 Knuckle Therapy - work, I might be addicted to this. Currently on factory...
  5. HardyDanger

    Sub woofer mount in rear quarter

    I made a pretty quick and easy sub mount for the rear quarter panel today. I originally planned to re use the da sub bracket, but that seam like a pain. so next went to to home dopey and bought a 6x24 22gauge piece of sheet metal and made did some Cardboard aided design. I bent these with...
  6. HardyDanger

    Spinning cative nut in frame rail????

    QUESTION: I went to pull of my tow hitch, it needs a coat of paint. However, one of the captive nuts in the frame rail spun off when I was removing it, so now the bolt is just dingling there with the nut free spinning in the frame rail...I'm imagining the only way to full remove is sawzall that...
  7. HardyDanger

    2020 Knuckle Therapy

    So I’ve been slowly, getting ready to rebuild the front axles over the last couple days. Really, I’m sand bagging because I think my wife got me a dewalt mid torque impact wrench for Xmas.... In the mean time, here’s what I’ve amassed so far: Assorted fluids, paper towels and cleaning doodads...
  8. HardyDanger

    Wanted  80 series running board caps - SF BAY Area

    Hey all, Looking for a set of running board caps (don't want boards) from an 80 series to finish of BIOR step slides. Thanks all.
  9. HardyDanger

    SOLD  SF Bay Area ‘97 front seats

    Yup. Selling seats. From a ‘97 40th. Seats are in typical crappy condition. Cardboard leather abs cement seat foam, but workable. The passenger side def needs a seat gear, that’s been dead since I’ve owned it. DS sounds crunchy, so I’d plan on replacing that. No seat belt tab, that’s staying...
  10. HardyDanger

    SOLD  WRX seats ‘06 Bay Area

    Howdy. I have a pair of really nice WRX seats from an 06 Impreza. PO stated they were taken out at about the 15-20k point and stored I just bought them a week ago and was planning to swap in my 80, but the seat gods smiled on me an I found a pair of Recaros. I went through the pain of removing...
  11. HardyDanger

    Another THUMP, THUMP, THUMP thread

    Hey ya'll this is another one of those random thumper questions: Here's what's happening: 1) When the rig is cold, and for the first 1/4 mile, I get thump that is in time with the speed i'm going, as long as it is below 10mph or so. Above that it goes away. 2) It is especially present when...
  12. HardyDanger

    Anyone bored enough to look at my spark plugs?

    I've looked at a dozen charts, and still not sure...reading lean or with oil deposits? I'm guessing these plugs have 10-15K on them. heat range looks OK? #3 looks the worst? #1 had oil in the tube. The rest were dry. I have new tube seals. Throttle body is now clean as a whistle. What's next?
  13. HardyDanger

    Weeping power steering res cap?

    Mystery question. There’s this little puddle on top of the power steering res every time I check the oil (every fill up). I wipe it dry, then it’s back next time. Yet the actual PS fluid supply never changes. What gives? It’s like the fountain of perpetual giving, if only it dispensed...
  14. HardyDanger

    my janky 80 Jib crane plan...will it work?

    OK team. Because I really don't like my money, I bought as used boat. Don't get me wrong, it's a great thing. However, I need to replace the steering cable in my new yacht, and to do that, I need to lift the motor to remove the dang cable. Really, it's a 1.5 :banana: repair, but the dang...
  15. HardyDanger

    Power LED cube via cig lighter

    kooking out here. I just bought a boat. I want to add some work lights, but I don't want a perm install. I'd mount them to a clamp, clamp them to a railing, plug me in and let there be light. I figure I can source any number of cheapo cube lights that'd be suitable. Ideally, I'd love...
  16. HardyDanger

    Backhoe vs ARB/LC80

    Yep. This happened! Captured on my garage cam! Happy to say I was wearing brown shorts when my neighbor knocked on my door saying a backhoe crashed into my rig. Happier to say, I didn't need the brown shorts. The bozos drove off after hitting the rig, my neighbor (I love my hood) ran them...
  17. HardyDanger

    Help me break into my 80 tonight

    Actually. It's not that dramatic. Key fob is at work, I'm at the commuter lot across the bay. I have a spare key. At home. That gets me in but not disabling the alarm?? Or do I go back to work and get my fob?
  18. HardyDanger

    Bay Area Windsheild replacement

    Hey Folks. Adding a resource for anyone in need. Glass Tek - Windshield and Auto Glass Repair and Replacement located in Alameda. They have 155, 5 star ratings on yelp and really deserve it. This shop seriously kicked ass, way beyond what safelite monkeys could ever dream of being able to offer...
  19. HardyDanger

    Did Big O tires cut a hole in my floorboards?

    so yesterday afternoon. Just had my tires rotated. Fixed a flat and had the alignment done. Now. It sounds like there's a hole in my floorboards. Meaning the engine and or transmission noise is way louder on start up. But has a hollow sound to it, like you're listening to you're neighbors...
  20. HardyDanger

    small puddle under the engine, smells like it gas?

    Morning folks. Did some searching, didn't hit anything on this... Found a small puddle about the size of my palm under the rig after driving around the island this morning. it has a heavy petro smell, and a golden brown color puddle was centered roughly under the harmonic balancer, my...
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