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    Is this shock too long?

    So I am in the process of replacing the front shocks on my FJ40 and have switched from OME that we’re 20 years old to some Bilsteins. I took the old shocks to the shop and we measured them and ordered Bilsteins of a comparable length. The OME have a steel cover so I never saw how much shaft was...
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    Where is this water coming from?

    I am in the process of driving kids to school and noticed water collecting here on the FJ60. I did have the ac on at the time. Any ideas what I’m looking at today? Thanks in advance.
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    Has anyone used the harnesses for the rear of an FJ60?

    So I was talking to Steve today from seatbelt planet and as we were talking about my concerns of the mounting shoulder belts in my truck that doesn't have the mount for the retractor he mentioned that they make harnesses. I was wondering if anyone had used them or if anyone has any thoughts on...
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    FJ 62 rear seatbelt mount?

    In an FJ62 with the factory rear 3 point belts where does the dead end mount? Is it behind the seat back where the lap belt retractor mounts in an FJ 60 or is it more forward toward the wheel well? Pics? I'm attempting to install 3 point belts in my FJ 60 and I'm trying to figure out the...
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    Need help removing headrest hardware?

    I'm Swapping the rear seat back in my FJ 60 for an FJ 62 with headrests. I am in the process of swapping the fabrics so it still matches my interior but cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the headrest hardware. About 4 months ago I saw a thread on here that described the...
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    Does the Orlando area have emissions testing?

    We might be moving to the Orlando/Winter Lakes area from California and was wondering if there is smog testing or engine swap restrictions in Florida. I tried looking it up and found that it said Florida had abandoned its testing but then found a lot of ads for testing shops. Any info would be...
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    Wanted  Hardtop for my 77 FJ40?

    I am looking to replace my hardtop for my FJ 40. Southern California would be ideal but let me know what you've got, I am not opposed to a road trip. Cheers Ken
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    Temp gauge help?

    Two weeks ago I had my fan clutch swapped out at a local shop. When I went to pick up the truck the gauge instead of running at it's normal halfway was at a bout 75%. I took it back and they messed with it, checked it with a temp gun and she's running at 180. So I drive it for a few days and...
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    Rear door handle issue?

    My rear door handle can open the door wether it is locked or unlocked. Any thoughts, I pulled he door panel last night and disengaged the handle but did not have time to explore it.
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    Wanted  Kaymar LHS gas can carrier FJ 60

    Preferably SoCal or nearby, let me know what you have.
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    Wanted  1984 FJ60 stock springs So Cal

    With gas prices climbing I am looking to return my daily driver FJ60 to stock and run some smaller tires. Let me know what you have, preferably with a decent arch.
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    WTB: Metal Kaymar Spindle Cover

    I am in need of one Kaymar spindle cover and do not want the newer plastic one. I am willing to offer $40 bucks for one in good condition, let me know what you have.
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    Test fitting a wheel?

    Is there anything I should look at besides clear steering parts and brakes? Do I need to cycle the suspension, etc? Thanks, heading to the garage to test fit some Xmas wheels. :D
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    Are these shackles to straight up and down?

    Sorry for the dark crappy phone pics, 1st is the rear and 2nd is the front. I have the SOR Extreme shackles with I believe 1 1/2" of lift and was wondering if that is what is throwing off the angles? Also any suggestion on stock or OME shackles? I have a set of Dobinson springs.
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    KMC Enduro wheels???

    Is anyone running these on a 1984 FJ 60? I am looking at some for sale but don't want to waste the guys time if they won't fit. It's a 15x7 wheel but I can't find backspacing specs for that wheel. Cheers
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    Is anyone running these wheels on their 60s?

    I saw an FJ 80 running a set of these that had been painted black and was wondering if the would fit on a 60 without spacers? I tried searching but nothing came up, I think they are off of the 1985 - early 90 Trucks and Forerunners.
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    Steering box that doesn't leak???

    Where can I get s steering box for an FJ 60 that won't leak within 3-6 months? I am on my fourth one in a year and I have had ti with the leaky boxes. Is it the 33-10.5s that are causing it?
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    Is this pressure too high?

    Is this pressure too high? (pic) I just replaced the oil pump and this is the reading that I am getting now. Before the pressure debacle started (gauge pegging to the high side) it always ran at the lower white mark but now after new gauge, new oil pump and new sender this is where it's at. I...
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    Intake leak?

    So my FJ60 was getting a tune up and the mechanic told me I have an intake leak, which is entirely possible. He quoted me 17 hours labor to check to make sure the head wasn't warped and to replace the gasket, is that high? I said, "17 hours, am I paying you guys and you're going to have me do...
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    Red liquid coming from exhaust?

    I had a local shop do my oil pan gasket and change out my radiator and as you may or may not know I am chasing an oil pressure problem after that fix. Today as I was again trying to fix the oil pressure I noticed a reddish puddle by the tailpipe. I popped the radiator cap and sure enough it...
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