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  1. SamBaker

    SOLD  FJ40 Spare Tire Carrier - CANADA

    Hi all, Selling my tire carrier as I have replaced it for one in better condition. Attached are some pics below, its, solid and gets the job done, just not the condition i'm looking for. With a little cleaning up and love, I'm sure someone could rock it on their rig! I don't have a specific...
  2. SamBaker

    FJ43 LAND

    Hi everyone! I am relatively new to MUD so let me know if this is in the wrong spot. I am currently restoring a 1977 Colombian FJ43. Now as i'm sure many of you are aware, any FJ's from Columbia tend to be a little rough around the edges and feature some unique "Colombian Creativity" as I call...
  3. SamBaker

    Wanted  OEM FJ40 Taillight Splash Guard SET

    Hi all, Have seen many aftermarket versions of these, but cant find an OEM set. They are the splash guards that bolt to the frame and cover the back of the taillights. OEM part number 5138-0010. Pictured below are what they look like off the truck as well as a parts diagram. Thanks in advance! Sam
  4. SamBaker

    Wanted  OEM Parking Brake Floor Grommet and Retainer

    Looking for the grommet and metal retaining ring that the parking brake cable passes through. Pictured below are what the pieces look like both on and off the truck. Thanks in advance! Sam
  5. SamBaker

    Wanted  OEM Yellow Jack Handle, Rod and Extension

    Hi all, Sorry for the barrage of wanted posts. I'm quite new to MUD and am absolutely amazed with the results of finding info and parts. Im so close to finishing up my resto of my 77' FJ43 and with this virus situation, i've had a lot of time to narrow down the parts I need to complete the...
  6. SamBaker

    Wanted  FJ40 OEM Windshield Catch Cover

    Looking for the metal covers that bolt over the windshield screws. OEM part number 56469. Pictured below is a diagram plus a photo of what it looks like both on and off the truck. Any condition is fine! Thanks in advance, Sam
  7. SamBaker

    Wanted  OEM Pre 79' FJ40 Tool Bag and Bottle Jack Hold-down

    Looking for the pre-1979 FJ40 Tool Bag and Jack hold-down assembly. Specifically the metal brackets that mount to the body. Pictured below are what the pieces look like both on and off the body. Thanks in advance! Sam
  8. SamBaker

    Wanted  FJ40 OEM Soft Top Ambulance Door Handle/Latch Assembly

    Looking for the correct rear door handle assembly for soft top barn doors. I believe the parts I have now are incorrect. Below are a few pictures I took from an older thread, as well as the link to that thread. Not to familiar with the parts needed so any info or pictures are appreciated as...
  9. SamBaker

    Wanted  Fj40 OEM E-Brake Dash Light

    Looking for the correct E-Brake light that mounts on the dash. Below are a few pictures of what it looks like. Thanks in advance! Sam
  10. SamBaker

    Wanted  FJ40 Ambulance Door Wire Cover

    Looking for this plate (see image below). It mounts to the rear ambulance door and covers the wires that connect to the licence plate lights. Any condition is acceptable, let me know if you have, or know anyone who has one and is willing to sell it. Thanks, Sam
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