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  1. Collin80

    Exterior Cover?

    Anyone have a good exterior cover for their 70 that they like? Obviously I don't expect to get one that fits perfectly, but would like something for my BJ74 that isn't completely the wrong size, while also high quality. I park my truck outside quite a bit. Thanks.
  2. Collin80

    For Sale  1985 FZJ-75 on ebay

    Interesting Troopy: 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser LANDCRUISER TROPPIE WAGON
  3. Collin80

    73/74 soft top?

    Have been looking at this... Toyota : Land Cruiser FJ73 And wondering if that soft top would have been factory, since it has the full-height rear doors? Second question, is there a snowball's chance in hell of getting that soft top nowadays? Or, I assume, it'd have to be a custom job.
  4. Collin80

    BJ74 in Los Angeles

    Finally have this beauty in hand. So far the only upgrade has been the 2.5" OME that Steve at LCD put in for me. Will be getting a rear bumper from Jason in the next few weeks. Spent Saturday putting in 12V DC, a 12V radio from a 40-series that I got, and a separate aux input -- will post...
  5. Collin80

    Wanted  Looking for an OEM radio/cassette combo

    Hopefully somebody out there has one they're willing to part with! PM me if you do.
  6. Collin80

    Builds  Questions for a quasi-overland build

    Hi everybody, Have been lurking around here for a while but haven't posted much yet. I'm finally about to move ahead with getting a BJ74. The plan is to get a 13BT with a 5-speed and a PTO winch in the next several weeks and build it up for a 3-month trip I'm making at the end of the summer and...
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