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  1. unwiredadventures

    For Sale 80 series new DEPOT Head LIGHTS

    I have a brand new set of Depot lights for an 80 series. These are glass, not plastic. The box was open just to check for damage (only this one pair). $247.00 includes Free shipping to the lower 48 States Thanks Frank
  2. unwiredadventures

    For Sale SoCal - Wedco (NATO) Jerry Water Can

    Local pick up only in Pasadena, California 1x Blue water can (used). $11.00
  3. unwiredadventures

    SOLD Wedco (NATO) Jerry Gas Cans (SoCal)

    Local pick up only in Pasadena, California 4x Now 2x New! red Wedco gas cans (in storage for over 12 years). $36 each 1x Blue water can (used). $11 each
  4. unwiredadventures

    For Sale Wedco (NATO) Jerry Gas & Water Cans (SoCal)

    Local pick up in Pasadena, California (or + shipping + material) For Sale: 4x New! red gas cans (in storage for over 12 years). $36 each 1x Blue water can (used). $11 each 4x Army surplus water cans(two used once). $11 each email me privately: 626-319-2628 Text only
  5. unwiredadventures

    SOLD FJ80-FJZ80 Quad Headlight System Australian Style (SoCal)

    $350 + shipping or local pick up in Pasadena, California Not plug and play. Be prepared to some harness work with your headlight sockets for proper connection of the 4 rectangle headlight modules. However, you might not need it because many Land Cruiser 80 series have already pre-wired...
  6. unwiredadventures

    1997 FZJ80 - Cranks but wont start. No CEL

    Out of the blue, one day it would crank, but not start:( No Check Engine Light with ignition key turned Checked voltage through all fusable links: All good Checked all fuses: All good Checked voltage in under hood fuse box: All good Replaced EFI relay Checked voltage on interior OBD2 and under...
  7. unwiredadventures

    Toyo Mud Terrain In The Snow

    In 2008 when I purchased my '97 FZJ80 I immediately did suspension changes and then replaced the tires with Toyo Mud Terrains. I'm up in the local California mountains often every winter. What makes driving on the local mountain roads most dangerous in the snow are all those that drive up here...
  8. unwiredadventures

    Solar Panels Installed On LandCruiser

    I keep my Engle fridge running always and don't always drive enough too keep everything charged. This keeps the batteries charged with enough extra charging power to keep everything cold in the fridge and run other accessories. Panels bolted on to Inti rack with rubber spacers and metal...
  9. unwiredadventures

    Missing Meetings

    Well it's another 1st Tuesday and I won't be able to go to the meeting again. Every Tuesday I take my daughter to tae kwon doe. Here's a photo both of our '80s in the snow near Lake Arrowhead this last Saturday:
  10. unwiredadventures

    Growling Rear Drivetrain Need Help with Pics and Video

    Around 550 miles away from home on the way back from a funeral this last Saturday, we started to hear a low pitched whine (growl?) coming from the rear of the :princess: LX-450. It started almost unnoticeable until it was quite loud. It's constant with the speed of the vehicle. From a few miles...
  11. unwiredadventures

    Flare Removal with Color Matched Hole Covers

    I like the look of the '80 without the flares, this is what I found behind them once removed. Over a decade of accumulation. The flares themselves had over a cup of dirt hanging around inside: What to do about the holes? First I covered them with electrical tape. The :princess: thought this...
  12. unwiredadventures

    Show us your 80 Inti Rack Mods and Addons

    Starting this thread to move off-topic traffic from Inti rack possibility! I received my Inti Rack from Payara Offroad over a month ago. I have a Camping Lab awning and couldn't figure out a good way to mount it. After reading some other posts and suggestions I cut up some metal from OSH...
  13. unwiredadventures

    On Board Hot Water Install for Shower

    On past trips that lasted more than a few days, I would bring a Colman hot water heater for showers. This worked great but it took up precious cargo space and was clumsy to operate while taking a shower. I know of two models that use the hot engine coolant to heat water (heat exchanger). Helton...
  14. unwiredadventures

    For Sale Kaymar Bumper with Dual Swingout for 80 Series in So. California

    This item is SOLD. Kaymar Bumper for sale including left side tire swingout and right side jerry can swingout. Includes, wire harness for lights and trailer. With bumper lights and spare tire antenna mount (for CB or Ham Radio) Bumper was installed not quite 2 years ago. Some surface scratches...
  15. unwiredadventures

    Cooling System Running Hot What Next?

    Quick history: Bought 1997 FZJ80 in May 2008 Headgasket PM 1 year ago Waterpump, blue fan clutch, PHH and all new cooling hoses installed with HG PM Installed Scanguage shortly after HG PM. Note: My HG was done at the same time as FirstToy. He had a similar report. Mine was running at around...
  16. unwiredadventures

    Arizona Strip North Grand Canyon Oct 24

    I'm planning a weeklong trip to the area north east of the Grand Canyon called the Arizona Strip in the Grand Canyon-Parashant National Monument. The Arizona Strip is in the North Eastern area above the Grand Canyon. Isolated from the rest of Arizona, there are no paved roads. Most of the...
  17. unwiredadventures

    My FZJ80 Front Axle Service and Re-Gear in Progress

    This is what kept me away from the lunch club on Friday:
  18. unwiredadventures

    Front Axle Service and Re-Gear in Progress with Photos

    Within weeks of purchasing my 1997 Land Cruiser in May of 2008, I had larger tires installed. Immediately I knew that the gearing needed to be changed to something lower. Over the last nine months I've been collecting the parts needed to re-gear the differentials and service the axles. So this...
  19. unwiredadventures

    Barker Ranch has burned

    Some more information on the burning here. A photo one of my friends took of Barker Ranch a little more than a week before the fire, photo here.
  20. unwiredadventures

    Tire Snow Chains

    I messed up trying to show off my easy to install snow chains after the meeting Tuesday:bang: Click here to see a demo from someone who knows what they are doing. The chains that I bought are the Diamond Reinforced.
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