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    Landtank Fan Clutch- 6 Year Update

    First, yes contrary to popular belief, I am still alive. So I purchased a Landtank Modified Blue Hub Fan Clutch on 6/19/2012 from Overland Exchange and it worked great for 5 years. This year I noticed that temperatures were starting to move up on hot days, especially going up to the Sierras...
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    Well it took 3 years and 4 months to get it, but today I am finally divorced. Three custody trials to get a 50/50 timeshare of my son, which is all I wanted in the first place. The ex got s*** after pissing it all away in court, I offered her everything when we separated but she wanted more...
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    Depo Headlights- Beamshots and Review

    I installed a set of Depo headlights in the 80 a few weeks ago following Ebag333's review (which includes MOT's comparison to the factory Euro and JDM lamps) of them versus stock last year. His review is here: One...
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    Depo Wiring Harness and Install

    After reading the various Depo threads, beamshots, and writeups, I decided to give a pair a try to see how they work compared to the U.S. spec lamps with HIR bulbs. One concern I had was with the available options for connecting the 9006/9005 stock harness to the H4/H1 setup the Depos use...
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    Battery Information

    So it is getting time for me to replace the battery in my truck and as part of that, I have been doing some research about batteries. When I say some, I should clarify it as the type of research you do when you are in a foot cast and it is a pain to get around anywhere, so you lay on your back...
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    Things I should know, but still learned after 10 years of 80 Ownership

    I have been catching up on some needed maintenance on my 80 recently and run into a few things that I know, should have known, or knew and want to share: 1) When you go to replace the fluid in your fan clutch, make sure the new fluid isn't contaminated. I had a four year old blue hub clutch...
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    My Headgasket Story

    At 212,000 miles my headgasket finally went. Having owned the truck since 113,000 miles, I assumed it was original and I had gotten good life out of it. In speaking with my mechanic, he said no way was it is the original gasket, as the gasket in there was covered with FIPG on both sides of the...
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    Bridgeston Revos v. BFG A/T and Caster with OME 861/862

    After much consideration, thought and chickening out the last tire purchase, I have defected from BFG A/T's to the Revo's to see how they are. I was going to 285/75/16 from 265/75/16 this time and still on the fence. The deciding factor was that America's tire company had the Revo's in stock...
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    Phone Call with (ex) wife's attorney

    I just spent an hour and twenty minutes on a conference call with my ex to be's attorney. They have come up with this crazy idea that I absconded with a bunch of money and hid it. So we are going through this list of checks I wrote that they can't figure out who they were to. Every check they...
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    Skillet has a website?!!!

    Probably a repost, but I didn't know Skillet had a website.
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    Just in case there is any question

    Divorce is expensive!!!! Divorce is hell. That said, my divorce is costing me everything and is so worth it.
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    Rubicon Questions

    Ok, the collective knowledge of the group should be able to help here. My new girlfriend wants to go up to the Tahoe area, camp and watch people on the Rubicon. My 80 with a 1" lift, 32" tires, and running boards is obviously not going to be running the Rubicon, but I have heard there are...
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    Posts from Other Forums

    Found this in my e-mail, think I posted it before but it is still funny. Threads at other forums... Bentley Forum - - - I used the ash tray today. How do I replace it? Camaro/Firebird Forums - - - My girl slept with my brother and my wife. How can I kill 'em? (btw, I have a record...
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    Ultimate Sports Car

    So there I am sitting in my car a stoplight on Tuesday evening. What do I see go by but the ultimate sports car. A late model, Pontiac Fiero being pushed by a guy while another steers. All I could think to myself was how much I wished I had a camera to post the photo here.
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    BART Strike

    Greedy union employees, leaving us all stranded because they aren't getting a raise. They should be happy they have a job. Bastards.
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    To my to be Ex Wife

    I know you said I would be miserable without you. I know how you said that I owe everything in life to you, including all the friends I have, despite the fact that I worked my ass off, made all the money, paid all the bills, did the shopping, took care of our son whenever I wasn't working, and...
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    Crazy Pogo Sticks

    I had one as a kid, but nothing like what these guys are using. Failed Pogo Stick CompilationVideo
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    Stoner's Kitty in Bong

    Ah, dude, the kitty needed to mellow out. Get a load of the picture of the owner halfway through.
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    To the A**h**e who stole my laptop

    Just have to rant. Some ahole managed to get into our secured building and get into my office and steal my laptop yesterday. I am not so pissed at the guy that stole it, as I expect the worst in people, but that I didn't have my hard drive data encrypted. Don't get me wrong, if I caught the...
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    And GM wonders why they are in trouble!!!

    Yet another reason GM deserves to go out of business. Last night a buddy of mine comes over with his 2005 GMC Denali XL. This is one of GM's high end vehicles, $50,000+ from the showroom. The reason he is coming over, he says that he can't see s*** when he is driving, can I do anything...
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