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  1. lhommec13

    Wheel Adapters

    Why not just search??
  2. lhommec13

    Pre-purchase rust advice on a 2006

    Of all makes and models to buy sight unseen, you did this with Range Rovers?? Cheers to you, my friend.
  3. lhommec13

    yay or nay to these LX 470s?

    Timing belt is a sub-$1000 job. Don't let that be a primary point of concern. Like others have said, overall condition is more important.
  4. lhommec13

    Need good ideas on how to improve FM antenna.

    I've long noticed my FM reception isn't nearly as strong as my older BMW or wife's newer Subaru. I thought something was wrong with it, but it's looking like it's a common problem.
  5. lhommec13

    Tundra wheels on 100 series photo thread

    Why not just use the caps from your 16" wheels for the rear to match the front? It looks a little silly with the mismatched front and rear center caps.
  6. lhommec13

    Cruiser and/or Frame Shops in MA

    +1 for Volsar.
  7. lhommec13

    Anybody ever done an engine upgrade?

    Do that and you're not exactly driving a 100 anymore.
  8. lhommec13

    Another potential purchase

    You can thank me later.
  9. lhommec13

    Another potential purchase

    Radio could just be a blown fuse, but sorting out the key/ignition issue is more important.
  10. lhommec13

    Found this '04...

    It looks good in the pics but I'd be surprised it has no rust considering it spent its whole life in NH and MA for 194k miles. AND the pictures are taken on the sand at a beach, of all places. You can see some rust on the rear brakes but that isn't abnormal. Everything else looks legit but just...
  11. lhommec13

    Should I buy this 100 Series?

    That is pretty hilarious.
  12. lhommec13

    Good by 22's.... Hello 17's.....

    Nice improvisation to make the center caps fit with matching fronts and rears. Looks like a hack job when they don't match, which I see quite a bit of here unfortunately.
  13. lhommec13

    Navigation DVD note: Gen 2 7.1 to 13.1 update ...

    Some DVD versions are East Coast or West Coast specific. Also make sure you have the region set for your particular state or region.
  14. lhommec13

    Finally overhauling my 100

    What's all this work adding up to dollar-wise?
  15. lhommec13

    I'm buying my first 100 today!

    It's on winter tires in the pics. Seems strange considering you're in Houston and the truck is rust free. But there could be a number of explanations for this, of course. Do you know where it lived before you bought it?
  16. lhommec13

    1999 Jack of all trades.

    Is that Niall's old 100? I met him years ago to take a set of 3rd row seats off his hands, probably from this very truck. Glad to see it go to a good new home!
  17. lhommec13

    Just got a 100 series, is this rust too bad?

    I always wonder why people ask if it's too much rust AFTER they already bought it and brought it home. It's almost like they're looking for a reason to question their purchase/decision. As for this particular example, yes that is a lot of rust. But considering it's a 2002 from MN, it looks...
  18. lhommec13

    Power Lock and Alarm issues on my '01

    Take a look under the steering column for anything aftermarket, like a remote starter or aftermarket alarm installation. It should be pretty obvious if something is there. If so, that would likely be the cause of the unusual alarm/lock habits. I have an aftermarket Viper remote starter and alarm...
  19. lhommec13

    Liftgate/Tailgate door open sensor

    Or just about any seller on Ebay. LED's are about a dime a dozen these days.
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