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  1. baldilocks

    For Sale WA. - 80 series PS pressure hose

    Works for 93-94 not sure about 95-97 as I never owned one. This hose has about 15k miles and 4 years of use. It was doing the job as expected and was removed because I installed a brake system hydro booster and new plumbing was required. The white fabric tape was added for additional...
  2. baldilocks

    For Sale WA. - 80 series radiator brackets

    These are from a 93 or 94 as that’s all I’ve ever owned but they may work on the 95-97 models. No rust and there is a bag with hardware and trans cooler in/out adaptors. $30 plus shipping.
  3. baldilocks

    For Sale WA. - Good working brake booster and master cylinder 93-94.

    The title says it all. $100 plus shipping.
  4. baldilocks

    For Sale WA. - 80 series rear heater tubes

    For sale is the lower section only of copper tubes that route water to and from the rear heater. The tubes are in great condition having zero corrosion. Always in the west and never salted. $50 plus shipping
  5. baldilocks

    Wanted Got them.

    I’m looking for the two flanges that mate the her piles to the front of the side by side cats on a 1994. Flanges only, not the pipes. Thanks
  6. baldilocks

    Wanted 80 series head pipe flanges - WA 98604

    All I need are the two flanges that mate up to front of the side by side cats on a 1994. Just the flanges without the rest of the head pipes. Thanks
  7. baldilocks

    Reminder vin plate

    I was vacuuming my rig and picked up the vin plate that’s supposed be on the driver dash over by the passenger seat belt. By the looks of it, the dash foam gave up retention of the plate. I wonder how many are missing unbeknownst to the owner?
  8. baldilocks

    Pelican brand cases

    Hello all, I had a loading routine down for my 80 without a roof rack and it worked up to and including a three week trip we took a couple years ago. I built a roof rack but have used it only twice when I took my son and his friends which dictated installation of the second row seats. Fast...
  9. baldilocks

    Visiting Wester MT off road and looking for tips

    Hello all, my wife and I will be traveling to MT in September around the 5th for a couple weeks. The first few days will be spent at Glacier Nat'l Park and after that we want to get off road for a week or so. I have a coupe books on trails in wester MT and will get forest maps but tips and...
  10. baldilocks

    Visiting western Montana in 80 series - Guidance please.

    In September my wife and I will travel to Montana to do some exploring. The first few days will be spent at Glacier Nat'l Park. After that we want to get into the off road world for a week or so for wheeling and camping. I am beginning my plans and have done some research and purchased a...
  11. baldilocks

    Kettle bells - Who uses them?

    Looking to learn what you know about kettle bell work outs. I’ve had a 40 pounder since 2012 and have used it quite a bit. Today I picked up a 30 pounder and a 60. These work outs require a lot of coordination and build core strength. The snatch (no joke) is a particularly difficult...
  12. baldilocks

    Wanted Found one

    I need the tall bracket on the passenger side of the engine forward near the oil fill cap from a 95-97 without the PAIR system. Thanks
  13. baldilocks

    Rattling heat exhaust shields

    After 290k and 25 years it’s time to address my exhaust system and fix a couple leaks and rattling heat shields. My question has to do with running the stock Cats without the factory heat shields. Is anyone doing this? My concern is igniting random grease and oil splatter. Not that...
  14. baldilocks

    SOLD 80 series radiator- CSF-2517. SOLD

    The CSF. 2517 is a very well built copper/ brass radiator and fit is spot on. I ran it for near two years before removing it. No leaks or other damage. $100 plus shipping. It will be packaged well.
  15. baldilocks

    Pellet smokers

    I’m looking to replace my still working, 20 year old Weber and I also want a smoker but don’t want two units taking up space on the patio. Some say that pellet smokers like Traeger and Green Mountain (off shoot of Traeger) don’t get hot enough to seer a steak but my local Green Mountain seller...
  16. baldilocks

    POR 15 high temp paint

    I’m about to remove my exhaust and redo it with new gaskets and was thinking about having it blasted and then coating it with something that others have had a positive experience with. I did a fair amount of research here and abroad and what I found was a widely varied mix of results and...
  17. baldilocks

    For Sale Sold

    I removed these parts very recently when converting to a hydro booster. They worked normally up to the day they were removed. The booster says Bendix on it and the MC is Aisin. $100 plus shipping
  18. baldilocks

    For Sale 1994 owners manual

    1994 fzj80 owners manual $30 shipped. Complete and full of good to know stuff.
  19. baldilocks

    For Sale Sold

    I removed this booster and Aisin MC a couple weeks ago when I converted to a hydro booster. They were both working fine at the time of removal. The MC reservoir is dirty inside so you might consider a tear down and cleaning. The booster says Bendix on it so I assume it’s a replacement...
  20. baldilocks

    80 Series brake hydro booster conversion installed

    A few months ago @RFB started a thread asking about the possibility of converting a gas powered 80 from the factory vacuum brake booster to a hydraulic booster that is powered with pressurized power steering fluid. A kit from a company called Power Brake Service was referred to...
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