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  1. Lillopad

    For Sale FJ40 Hitch (CCOT) ** SOLD **

    Purchased for a project and never used it. Brand new, with hardware still in the bag. I will ship anywhere in the lower 48 on my dime. $90. Thanks Kevin
  2. Lillopad

    For Sale Hubs from '85 FJ60 ** SOLD **

    Worked fine when I pulled them last year. I will ship anywhere in the lower 48 on my dime. $80 for the pair OBO. Thanks, Kevin
  3. Lillopad

    Wanted Wiper Control Relay 81-84 FJ60

    Apparently not the same through the whole 60 series. Need for a 1984. Thanks Kevin
  4. Lillopad

    Camp Ryan Adams

    Fellow MUD enthusiasts, I'd like to share this with the MUD community and ask that you broadcast this to anyone that may have the heart and resources to help. We have been running guided hunts and camping reunions for veterans on a beautiful piece of property in WI and have really begun to...
  5. Lillopad

    Wanted Exhaust Down Pipe 2F for FJ60

    Need a down pipe from an '80-'87 FJ60. OK if it's missing the air injection tube. Price plus shipping to 55082. I've got a shelf full of parts - let me know if you need anything and maybe we can work a trade. Thanks! Kevin
  6. Lillopad

    For Sale 1969 FJ55 Cody WY (Not Mine)

    Saw this on my way back from Yellowstone. If I only had a trailer with me I would be making room in my garage this morning! If I read it correctly, the owner wants $1000. The sign was very faded but I think the phone number was 250-0525. I took a quick look underneath and the frame looked...
  7. Lillopad

    For Sale '84 FJ60

    Just wrote a novel responding to a Wanted ad and realized I accomplished the task of writing my For Sale ad in the process. Cutting and pasting from that one... Not quite done yet, but am going to be putting this one up. Bought without an engine from a guy in Iowa who had done a full resto of...
  8. Lillopad

    For Sale 1987 FJ60

    *** SOLD *** '87 FJ60 with 172,XXX miles. Asking $6,800 OBO. Had a lot of fun working on this with my son over the past few years. Since purchasing this from a friend in 2012 we have: Replaced the frame Did full POR15 treatment on chassis Installed new Hell For Stout 4” suspension...
  9. Lillopad

    For Sale Hell For Stout Suspension Kit FJ60

    I put a new HFS 4" suspension kit under my FJ60 a year and a half ago. Purchased from CCOT for about $1500. While it's a great system, it's just too tall. 99% of my driving is in town, so I am going to go back to stock height and make the wife happier. Kit contains the leaf springs, shocks...
  10. Lillopad


    Did you guys survive the storm of the century / millennium / time eternal? I didn't sleep all night thinking about it. Yes, I care about you all. And, I need those parts I ordered!!! Seriously, I hope all is well and no one had any problems getting around. I hope you were charitable enough...
  11. Lillopad

    Wanted clutch slave and soft line

    Need clean slave and soft line (from hard line to slave). For 2F in 85 FJ60. Price and shipping to 55082? Thanks! Kevin
  12. Lillopad

    Wanted steel fuel line 2F

    Need a steel fuel line (runs up across the front of the 2F from fuel pump to carb). For my 87 FJ60. Price and shipping to 55082? Thanks!
  13. Lillopad

    Wanted Running 2F somewhere near MN

    Looking for a decent 2F to drop into an 84 FJ60 I just got my hands on. Would be nice to find something within drivable distance from Stillwater MN. Please do not look at my other posts then ask why I am looking for a 2F when I was just selling one / parting it out a couple months ago...
  14. Lillopad

    For Sale FJ62 Doors

    *** SOLD *** All four doors plus rear tailgate and hatch. Complete, with power windows, interior panels, glass. Doors are in pretty good shape, tailgate and hatch less so, but repairable. Blue color. I was considering upgarding the doors on my 60 to these to get power, but I bought a 2nd...
  15. Lillopad

    For Sale FJ60 Parts

    Halting sales of parts while I consider another build... might need 'em
  16. Lillopad

    Parting Out FJ60 Part Out

    Halting sale of parts while I consider another build... might need 'em
  17. Lillopad

    For Sale Aisan Hubs - 1987 FJ60

    ** SOLD ** Worked fine when pulled from my 87. $90 total... I'll pay shipping (lower 48). Email me at Note: I am selling hubs from an '85 as well. Please specify the '87 set in your email subject line. Thanks! Kevin
  18. Lillopad

    For Sale Temp sensor - Carb Cooler - 2F

    No longer available. Will relist if I don't use them for a project.
  19. Lillopad

    For Sale Coolant tubes - 2F

    ** SOLD ** From 1985 FJ60. Pretty clean... a little surface rust. Selling pair. $35 total for pair... I will cover shipping (lower 48) Email me at Thanks! Kevin
  20. Lillopad

    For Sale Winshield washer pump and reservoir

    ** SOLD ** Pulled from 1985 FJ60. Worked fine. $30 total... I will pay shipping (lower 48) Email me at Thanks! Kevin
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