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  1. cruiserrg

    PTO Parts

    Here are some odds and ends I have laying around and don't need. PTO Handle: NOS never used PTO Shear Pin PTO shims: Used PTO stub: to make new lower lever I'll take $75.00 OBO for all the parts. Located in Mankato, MN. I will take paypal, check, or cash. PM me if interested. I...
  2. cruiserrg

    4-link Suspension Travel advice needed

    I started flexing out my suspension to weld in mounts for some bumpstop. I am not sure if I want to run these 16" sway-a-ways or look into a 14" shock. The pics below show it at full travel of the shocks. This is also with the center airbags empty (lowest ride height it will be) So would...
  3. cruiserrg

    GM TBI fuel filter setup

    I am working on parts for my fuel delivery. My question is on fuel filters. My idea is to run a large canister fuel filter/water seperator as a prefilter before a Master E8153 external electic fuel pump and then into an inline filter. Will the pump be able to pull through the canister...
  4. cruiserrg

    IFS IRS debate here!

    Ok, since the IFS/IRS debate has spread to a few threads, I thought I would start one specifically about it. Keep the topic about Rock Crawling! IFS/IRS has been tried on a few rigs competetively in Rockcrawling, but not successfully. I have posted 2 pics below with a IFS/IRS rig competing...
  5. cruiserrg

    Maxx Where are we with LCL?

    Max, Hey just curious if you have gotten anywhere with getting LCL back rolling or not. I miss traveling up to shoot the s***, and wheelin with everyone. Update please.
  6. cruiserrg

    2002 Chevy K1500 Quadrasteer: Delavan, WI

    Here is your opportunity to own a Rare 2002 Chevy Silverado 4WD QUADRASTEER with only 21600 miles!. There were very few Chevrolet Quadrasteer's made in the 2002 bodystyle. This vehicle is amazing to drive with the maneuverability of the 4 wheel steering. It handles great with or without a...
  7. cruiserrg

    MOVED: How many threads on oil and filters.

    I agree, just needed someone to slap me into moving it. Also maybe someone there can explain this thread, or at least chuckle at it like I have. :flipoff2:;action=display;threadid=7851
  8. cruiserrg

    MOVED: Search for extreme engine protection

    Good discussion and topic, but more votes and replies in General Tech.;action=display;threadid=7799
  9. cruiserrg

    MOVED: search for best gas-engine oil: Amsoil vs Mobil vs Redline vs Shell vs Chevron

    Good discussion and topic, but more for General Tech.;action=display;threadid=7838
  10. cruiserrg

    MOVED: search for best diesel oil: Amsoil vs Mobil vs Redline vs Shell vs Chevron

    Good discussion and topic, but more for General Tech.;action=display;threadid=7803
  11. cruiserrg

    MOVED: TPI Minibikes

    Moved to Chit Chat;action=display;threadid=5475
  12. cruiserrg

    MOVED: On board air for FZJ80?

    Will get more views over here :D;action=display;threadid=5229
  13. cruiserrg

    Help me decide

    I wanted to get some opinions on my front end. I am going to run a 55 series hood and grill, hacked up of course to fit the chassis. I will not be running headlights (unless I can make them fit) because of access to the winch lever. Here is the what I need help deciding... Should I graft in...
  14. cruiserrg

    Tube Chassis Cruiser Project

    55 Series Tube Chassis Project Well got done working on the rig early today cause I ran out of gas for the welder (always happens on a weekend >:( ). So I decided to take a few pics of the rig to keep you all up to date on the progress of this thing.
  15. cruiserrg

    MOVED: Sorry about VENTING, but don't want to kick the dog

    Off Topic, moved to Chit Chat.;action=display;threadid=4703
  16. cruiserrg

    Welcome from your MOD

    Welcome to hard core corner of IH8MUD. I thought I would introduce myself for those who don't know me. Names in the Sig and I live up in WI. I've been wheelin' with Woody ever since I moved here. He knows I take things on my rigs a bit too far. I inquired about a hard core section, and...
  17. cruiserrg

    MOVED: Axle Strength

    Good discussion for the Hard Core section.;action=display;threadid=4637
  18. cruiserrg

    What to look for in a 80 Series

    OK, now that I have decided that I will probably go with a 80 for my towing/trailriding rig, I need to know what to look for and good mods to do for what I am using it for. I plan on trying to find a 93-94. I figure I should look for one with diff locks and full floater rear. What options and...
  19. cruiserrg

    Am I crazy? 80 Series Tow rig

    Ok, heres the scoop. I am looking into getting a different tow rig. I have been tossing around ideas and would like to have a tow rig that I can also trailride with. For towing I will be hauling an 18' car trailer with brakes on one axle, with a tube chassis rock crawler on top. I am...
  20. cruiserrg

    Anyone Tow with a 55?

    Just curious if anyone tows with a FJ55. I am in a dilemma with my tow rig. Wife is getting a wheel chair van and will no longer be daily driving my 2002 Chevy quadrasteer tow rig. Payments on the thing are high to have sitting around until I finish my tube chassis cruiser in the spring...
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