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  1. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale (SOLD) 2001 LC (silver) $8900 Semi-Built

    SOLD!!! SOLD!!! SOLD!!! Here ya go. Let me know if you have any questions. 248,3xx miles New timing belt/water pump done at 230k (@ Tuscaloosa Toyota) Slee diff drop SPC UCA's Metal Tech sliders Trail Taylor Adjustable Rear LCA's Spider-trax wheel spacers Ironman T-bars Ironman...
  2. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent (Sell/Trade)

    Eezi-Awn Series 3 1800 Roof Top Tent Condition - Used (Great) Shipping- Domestic (yes) International (no) Location - Northport, AL (35473) Asking $1700 OBO I have owned this 4 season tent for 3 years and it has been fantastic. Eezi-Awn is known for their rugged durability, and this tent is no...
  3. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale 100 series Nitro 4.88 Front & Rear Kit (NEW)

    PRICE DROP!!! Nitro Gear and Axle Front & Rear 4.88 ratio gears with installation kits. For 100 series with E-Locker only! I purchased a 4.88 Nitro Front and Rear re-gear kit through Slee a couple years back with plans to install them on my '99, however, I never got around to it and have...
  4. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale Steering Wheel 100 ('98-'02) Grey Leather

    ***PRICE DROP*** I have a steering wheel from my '01 that is in excellent shape. It's from a grey interior. No cuts, wear, tear or stains. $175 Will ship. Located in 35473.
  5. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted [AL] 100 factory rear bumper

    looking for a dark gray factory rear bumper. It's for a dark colored 1999 100. Will pay for shipping if necessary.
  6. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted [AL] 100 series rear bumper

    I'm looking for a FACTORY rear bumper (dark grey) for a Land Cruiser 98-02 Hardware not necessary but wanted as well. Located in Tuscaloosa, AL Thanks Example color:
  7. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted [AL] 100 series Rear Coil Springs

    I need factory height rear coil springs. I don't care how used or old. I threw mine out when I installed my 864's. PM me if you have any. Thanks! Brock
  8. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale Factory rear Subwoofer '99 LC

    I pulled out the factory speaker box and sub from my '99 to make room for circuit blocks, etc... Not really sure what a fair price would be but lets just start at $100 and see where that goes $100
  9. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale 2013 200 Metallic Gray/Black *AL

    2013 Land Cruiser (Magnetic Gray Metallic) ~49,700+ miles It is in great condition. It has been driven by a 60 y/o lady speed demon ;) for the past couple of years and the only off road its seen is a graded county road going to our river property (never in mud, never on rough roads). Bought it...
  10. Squatchy Adventures

    Help/Advice needed! ?

    I have driven from Alabama to Colorado. I am headed from Colorado Springs to Telluride and realized the bushing on my driver side lower rear control arm is blown out. I do have some minor pitch; however, it's not terrible at this point. Can I ride this out or should I have this serviced...
  11. Squatchy Adventures


    Leaving Aug 26th making a round trip that will return on September 7th. I won't have a ton of room in my 100 but I do have plenty of space on my roof rack. I'm heade from Alabama to Austin TX (via Shreveport), then on to Moab (via Silver City, NM), Ouray and Denver after that. Last stop is in...
  12. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted 80 series sliders

    looking for sliders (doesn't matter which brand) for a 97 LC.
  13. Squatchy Adventures

    Buffalo River & The Ozarks

    Planned trip: March 11th, 2016 I have a little time off and wanted to explore the Ozarks and the Buffalo National River area of Arkansas. I have read and researched a few trails I found at however I have never been in the area and would like to hit the best spots, i.e. trails...
  14. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale 100 series Front Bumper

    Mudders- I put an ARB on and have the OEM bumper available for sale. It is off of my 1999 and in good shape. No major scratching and both lights work although the passenger side light is slightly fogged. All mounting tabs are good. I have the inner bumper that can/will be included if needed...
  15. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale 1999 100 series Running Boards

    These running boards are off of my 99 LC. They are in fair to good condition. Somewhat faded but they are straight and fit right on with ease. I no longer need them as I have installed some metal tech rails. All hardware included! asking $100 obo I will ship but do not know the costs. I...
  16. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale Michelin 14.5R20 43" Tires (also wheels & axles)

    I bought these for a monster cruiser project. Then midway through the build I decided to go a different direction. Since I bought them they've just been sitting in my shop taking up space and I'm tired of moving them. Ready to sell so prices are negotiable. 5 Good Used Michelin 14.5 R20 43"...
  17. Squatchy Adventures

    For Sale 1997 FJ80 w/ spare engine & transmission

    I'm selling my brothers 1997 LC. It has 198k miles. Also selling engine and transmission from a 95 fj80. Asking $9750 OBO. Willing to sell the engine/trans separately. He'd post it himself but he doesn't know how to "internet" very well. :slap: Lol. He informed me that there are three known...
  18. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted 100 Suspension Parts - Lift

    EDIT: Found Shocks NEED: T-Bars (OME or Iron Man) Also looking for a pair of either 863's or SLEE SOF2RH Rear Coil Springs (2.5" heavies). Also going to need a Diff Drop Kit Thanks Guys
  19. Squatchy Adventures

    Wanted 16" or 18" OEM 100 wheels

    just bought a new (to me) LC 100 and the wheels are in terrible shape. Looking to buy some if they're in good condition and will drive a few hours or pay shipping if need be! I live in Tuscaloosa, AL. Thanks!
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