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    Bad motor?

    I have an older warn 9000i. It was ona truck I bought and one of the old relays was bad so warn Albright style in the engine bay of a rig. When I hit the button nuttin happens with the motor and I’m getting 12 volts at a f1 and f2 at the same time. Is the motor cooked?
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    What are the cool kids using for 2F Fuel Injection these days?

    Im back to tinkering so i'm doing some reading, so sorry for late input. I'm not sure, but i think there are some programming differences with the ECU's, tht may be affected by the distributor. Here's why I say this... I have the Performance Fuel Injection Systems, ah, system. When first...
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    Harness building for those inclined

    yea. i have his stuff, and for what he charged and how clean he does it, it wasnt worth the self effort to replicate. that having been said, follow his directions and you'll have a quality piece in the 60.
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    FJ62 Headlight Upgrade Options
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    Not mine, but supposed 2016 Land Cruiser Double Cab Pickup for sale...

    I agree. I did. If you want a diesel TRUCK, ANY big three truck is better in NA. If i wanted a second hand conversation starter, that didn't have easy to acquire parts, I'm partial to late model Aston's. If you gots the big bucks, and a Texas ranch, wtf. Then again, on some of those plots of...
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    Wanted High roof for 60

    stop and talk. i'd love one too. im kinda squished on my platform.
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    Wife...Cancer...need a Miracle

    The bottom line is getting the right Dr at the right time, that hits the right chemo combination. NEVER be afraid to shop Doctors. It's not an insult to get other opinions, It's just tough to know whats the correct prognosis. It also a good idea to find a friend or relative to be an advocate...
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    Wife...Cancer...need a Miracle

    That's terrible to hear. The short of it is, you need 1/3 of the liver for a successful recovery. Some Cancerous material can remain in the 1/3 if its operable for removal after regeneration. You always appeared as a loving and committed couple. Make the most of your time. I'm sorry.
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    Wife...Cancer...need a Miracle

    Min Sun, MD, PhD | UPMC Hillman Cancer Center in my fathers experience, of colon liver lung, where the origin was the colon, his judgement was the best. colon had disappeared, but 9" had to come out anyway, lung cleared, adn the liver needed 2/3 out, and a freeze in the remainder. 3 years...
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    For Sale 1985 BJ70 Land cruiser WA, USA

    70's are like magnesium wheels for my track car. I want, an love to shop, but have no need. Not that i look every day, but I haven't seen one cheaper that was a driver and not a rusty basket case on its last owner. At least not outside of AUStoUSA, in which case you tack on 7-8G to get it to...
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    For Sale 1985 BJ70 Land cruiser WA, USA

    Not that my heckling is warranted, but that seems like a really reasonable price for the truck. Great for DD wheeler. Very presentable, nothing broken, but you wont feel terrible about a little fun and abuse. 5g less than an RZR, usable on road, and you'll get all your money back when you resell it.
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    And the most applicable to daily life in the US of A... Oddly, from the only Roman Catholic Italian in the family. Never trust a Christian, they can rationalize anything.
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    Don't come to me with a problem without thinking of a solution.
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    Easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.
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    Be careful the toes you step on today, as they may be attached to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.
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    Best 7in.round head light

    LHD (right lane drive). its all about the on coming traffic not your seating position. if it says DOT i think youre good.
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    Best 7in.round head light

    Some thoughts. I haven't seen anything LED without a focused beam work well in real world applications, so it will be interesting to get your impressions on that setup. You would think it would be easy, but I guess the flat nature of the led makes it difficult. 300ft down the road tends to...
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    cummins 2.8 Poll

    Look at the cost of any factory crate gasser. It's about in line with what I'd expect. It also wouldn't have been much, if any more to produce a 3.5 with 50% more power to make it worth while to a hell of a lot more trucks, than light swb jeeps. I find that engine an ill thought first offering...
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    Transmission to Transfer Case Bypass Hose

    We should start putting down our drivetrains, what we ordered, and how close of a fit. Mine is an h55f, toybox, split case. It measured 23" center to center but that was a tight fit so we added 1.5. A hair long is better than a hair short. Now, I'm not sure if I should have an issue with the...
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    Quieter muffler for LS Motor

    Not too far off topic, but this is a really good question. Even when I put a new muffler on my 2f, I told the shop to put the biggest quietest one they had on, and it still sounded like crap in the truck. OEM never seems to be an issue with any brand, though. How hard is it to make a muffler???
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