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  1. guardcompany

    Dealer Warning: 2004 GX470 San Diego

    Listing: 2004 Lexus GX470 Low Mile Messaged the guy after seeing this: Guy turns out to be a dealer just looking to rip someone off. It's a great price but needs a lot of work. Multiple people have passed on it after PPI. Heads up yall.
  2. guardcompany

    FS: CB Mag Antenna

    CB Mag Mount Antenna. Little Wil: You are being redirected... Bought for an event and never used it. $30 San Marcos
  3. guardcompany

    Replacing rear propeller shaft

    Anyone replace their rear propeller/drive shaft? Part number is 37110-6A650. Looks like it includes everything and the flange yolks just bolt up. Any experience, tips or tricks? Banana rating? The FSM (attached) has a whole procedure for replacing the spider bearings and doing matchmarks but I...
  4. guardcompany

    Calling Death Valley Experts

    Doing Death Valley next week and the route we have planned is: Day 1: San Diego > Baker > Warm Springs Canyon Road > Camp near the Mengel's Cabin Day 2: Mengel Pass > Barker Ranch > Goler Wash > Trona Road > Blacktop up to 190 > Panamint Springs > Old Toll Rd/Darwin Springs > Darwin Rd > 190 >...
  5. guardcompany

    For Sale LC100 stock running boards

    Off a white 2004. San Diego. $25
  6. guardcompany

    Front Runner Table on Slee Rear Bumper?

    Anyone running a Front Runner drop down table on a Slee rear ladder swing out? If so how did you mount it? I see it needs to be mounted off to one side to provide enough clearance for the rear light. Did you use the provided s***ty hardware? U-bolts? Or should I just put the hurting on some...
  7. guardcompany

    Rear Axle Leaking

    Noticed this last night while getting ready to install some ARB breathers. It's going in to the shop tomorrow to get checked out but just figured I'll see what Mud thinks. Based on searching it looks like possible axle seal (many great threads on that). It's interesting that I'm getting a bit of...
  8. guardcompany

    For Sale BFG Mud-Terrain T/A KM2 285/75R16

    Spare, never been used. Just the tire. $150 OBO. Local pickup only. San Diego.
  9. guardcompany

    O'Reillys AGM Battery Swollen

    I just replaced the battery on my 2004 with this Super Start Platinum 34RPLT - Battery | O'Reilly Auto Parts and now about a month later I'm noticing a slight bulge in the walls of the battery. Quick googling is telling me it's over charging, however its charging about the same voltage as the...
  10. guardcompany

    Wanted 98-02 16'' stock wheel

    Figured this is a long shot, but I'm looking for ONE 1998-2002 16'' stock wheel for a spare. Worth checking the community before getting one off ebay. Thanks
  11. guardcompany

    ODB Fusion

    I've been running ODB Fusion for iOS on a mini iPad connecting to a LE Link. So far I love it, but was wondering if anyone as got the transmission temp gauge working? I've checked out the Scangauge tranny temp thread and I couldn't get those PIDs working.
  12. guardcompany

    2004 UZJ100 Guardcompany Build

    Excited to finally be part of the club! My wife and I had our first child and I decided my beloved Tacoma wasn't going to cut it for long trips with a growing family, gear and a 80lb german shepherd. So I went straight to the Land Cruiser, after lots of reading on this wonderful forum I was set...
  13. guardcompany

    Windshield Sun Shade

    With summer coming up just thought I would ask what is everyone's favorite fitting windshield sun shade for the LC? Was about to get this: No.1 Windshield Sun Shade, Cool FREE Products Included With Sun Shade - A Powerful UV Ray Deflector, High Quality Car Sunshade To Keep Your...
  14. guardcompany

    For Sale 2006 White LC100. Bay Area, CA

    NOT mine but just got one so I still had all my alerts setup and this just showed up this morning. Better deal than I got assuming there is no rust. Killer deal. Check out this 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser on Autotrader
  15. guardcompany

    Wanted LC100 16'' Wheels

    Wanted: 16" x 8" OEM Factory Wheels off a LC100. Anywhere in Southern California.
  16. guardcompany

    Hosting issues?

    All day today and yesterday the site has been loading off and on. I jumped on a VPN and tried it from another provider and same thing. No db errors. I'm sure you guys know, just giving you a heads up.
  17. guardcompany

    Wanted 2003-2005 Land Cruiser

    Finally sold my previous rig and looking for a 2003-2005 LC/LX. I'm in San Diego but willing to travel and drive it back. No rust. Cash in hand. Love this community, excited to be a part of it!
  18. guardcompany

    My first 100 series questions

    I've spend a couple weeks reading through this wonderful forum and well put together Slee guide. Thank you! I've selling my Tacoma to get into a 100 series for the family. My target years are 2003-2005 based on the 5peed and my budget. Quick questions.. 1. I've found a 2003 LX470 and I've heard...
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