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  1. Papalud

    Oxford Area 40's

    I punished my old 62 at Sardis for years back in the day. Used to be so many fun routes around that lake.
  2. Papalud

    Andy's SLOOOOW 2011 200 Series Build

    Looks perfect.
  3. Papalud

    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    I could use those fronts if you decide to separate
  4. Papalud

    My Retirement from the Land Cruiser Community

    Just seeing this. Congrats on the new gig and thanks for everything this past year. Hope to see you one day around a campfire down the road.
  5. Papalud

    CLC camp-out

    Planning to Sat if it’s not too crowded.
  6. Papalud

    Towing/ Camping /Trailers

    Ha. I'm on a fun-spending lockdown for the foreseeable future...
  7. Papalud

    Towing/ Camping /Trailers

    I've been following GFC for awhile on instagram. Pretty slick, but not a fan of how the side cross bars block bed access from the side. Still, a tundra with this setup would be mighty tempting.
  8. Papalud

    CLC camp-out

    spongebob shirts
  9. Papalud

    CLC camp-out

    Camping isn't supposed to be digital...
  10. Papalud

    CLC camp-out

    Campbell’s Bakery in Madison is good local bakery, but a little $. Kroger is quick and easy.
  11. Papalud

    CLC camp-out

    Planning on making it. Have a shoot Sat. morning in Jackson, but you're close enough to run back and forth.
  12. Papalud

    Prayers; thoughts; encouragement

    I will have your niece and your family in my prayers. Seeing your child at the edge is one of the most difficult things that can possibly happen to you as a parent. Prayer and the support of your family and friends are the only things that get you through each day. If there is anything I can...
  13. Papalud

    Anyone going to New Orleans soon?

    which did you end up getting?
  14. Papalud

    #ExtraTerrestrialAF - Probing New Mexico

    His ability to bust a stream of Great Stuff gave me reasonable confidence. But, I’m not as enlightened as some...
  15. Papalud

    For Sale 3f cylinder head

    I know this is an old post, but still have the 3f head by chance?
  16. Papalud

    For Sale 85 fj60 Ark.

    Damn Dave, hate to see that one go. It’s a great 60. If I could afford to collect cruisers I’d snag it in a heartbeat.
  17. Papalud

    100 Series General Tech and Classifieds

    Those must be the new Rock Warriors.
  18. Papalud

    Know anyone who can inspect a car in Miami?

    I’m in MS and looking at a vehicle in Miami. Anyone know of a mechanic or mud member who I could pay to go take a look at a vehicle for me? Thanks
  19. Papalud


    needs some red to balance out all that blue
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