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  1. riffman12

    AC switching from circulating to intake

    Actually had this exact issue 2 weeks ago. Every time it switched back and fourth the compressor was actually turning on and off (like every 2 seconds). Was obviously giving me weak AC. Took it to my mechanic. They found a couple of random stored rear AC codes and cleared them. Also swapped the...
  2. riffman12

    Cold Start---Just Say'n

    Yep mine does the same in cold weather . it's just the cold oil in the center diff
  3. riffman12

    BBR or black brake resevoir

    Is it possible it's oil that has sprayed on it from a leaking hose?
  4. riffman12

    2000 LX470 issues - weird mechanic diagnosis

    Interesting. Is that the same as what my tech is calling a speed sensor? Are the rears easy to replace? Have a part number by chance? Hm ok I'll double check those. Thanks
  5. riffman12

    2000 LX470 issues - weird mechanic diagnosis

    Hey guys - sorry for the long read here but I'm a little stumped. I bought my 2000 LX470 about a year ago with 213k on the clock. I'm now at 222k. It's fairly stock other than 33" Cooper ST Maxx and a Trail Tailor rack / Tepui tent. Here's a pic of a recent trip: Maintenance I've done in my...
  6. riffman12

    Cold start -- Two turns of Ignition key?

    That sounds like a starter to me. My old 4runner had the same symptoms and new starter fixed it.
  7. riffman12

    Poll on total brake failure in 100 series

    I did not have any brake failure, but i had the awful strangling seagull sound and warning lights / buzzer Bought a brand new MC assembly and had it installed. No problems since. However, every time i get in my car the brake feel is a little different. Some days the pedal is kind of soft and...
  8. riffman12

    2000 LX transmission compatibility options

    You guys are scaring me. My 2000 470 has 218k miles and i think the trans feels fine. What are the signs of failure?
  9. riffman12

    The MUD 100 series Photos thread

    What am i looking at there? Is that the cv joint??
  10. riffman12

    100 Series hits a top speed of 152 MPH!

    those shifts are...aggressive.
  11. riffman12

    New owner and already screeching Master Cylinder :(

    I actually bit the bullet and replaced the whole MC assembly. Over 1000 miles since and no issues. Even had it parked overnight in 7 degree snow. Sucks but it was worth it for me to know it was good to go for another 200k
  12. riffman12

    Are all wives/women like this...........?

    My gf's Jetts didn't even have a temp gauge I now see why
  13. riffman12

    What color is the metal under your interior?

    My metal is very color.
  14. riffman12

    New owner - '00 LX and build thread

    Natural Habitat
  15. riffman12

    New owner - '00 LX and build thread

    Next step was tires. Those wimpy Michelins weren't going to do me much good. I was going to get the Falkens again, but I decided to get Cooper ST Maxx instead. 285/75/16. Really aggressive tire, but still plenty quiet on the highway. Really impressed with them. Then here it is as it sits...
  16. riffman12

    New owner - '00 LX and build thread

    Next came the roof rack! I looked at Gamiviti and Baja, but I didn't like the super long lead times. I wanted to get my tent up there ASAP. I did some searching and found Jason reeves at Trail Tailor - @reevesci and COULD NOT BE HAPPIER. Jason's work is incredible, and he even helped me mount...
  17. riffman12

    New owner - '00 LX and build thread

    Well I certainly went quiet here for a while. Time for an update! The thing that's been consuming most of my time is the brakes. Shortly after buying the car, I got the screeching from the master cylinder, ABS alarm and all that. I started by replacing the Booster and Accumulator, but it did...
  18. riffman12


    After putting about 100k miles on 2 3rd gen 4runners, I bought an 80 series. Drove it (slowly) for a year and someone offered me an amount I couldn't turn down. Then I Drove the LX470 that I now own. Plenty of power, space, utility, and it keeps my buns warm in the winter. Haven't looked back.
  19. riffman12

    Gobi Rack - Post pics & opinions

    Check out Trail Tailor. Awesome work and a super nice guy.
  20. riffman12

    Brake accumulator pump

    I was getting screeching noises and warning lights. Replaced my pump and accumulator with a brand new unit. Problem came back a week later. Now I just ordered the entire MC assembly and will be selling my one week old new pump accumulator unit if you're interested. Feel free to DM me if you...
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