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  1. lgrt

    New to me Gx470, some questions

    you got good answer already so I'll just say Welcome to mud
  2. lgrt


    Interesting... about the same level of updates they made back in 2008 to the 470.
  3. lgrt

    07 GX Just Purchased

    congrats and welcome
  4. lgrt

    Newbie to the world of all that is GX!

    Welcome to Mud!
  5. lgrt

    New to the Forum

    Welcome to the group
  6. lgrt

    New to this part of the forum

    Welcome to the FJ Cruiser community.
  7. lgrt

    New FJ owner need lift advice

    here is a FJ Cruiser Lifts explained article that may help.
  8. lgrt

    Hi, I just created an account today

    that is a great pair. Welcome
  9. lgrt

    New to ih8mud

    Welcome to Mud.
  10. lgrt

    Hello everyone newbie here

    Welcome to MUD
  11. lgrt

    Newbie from the PNW

    Welcome. check facebook for the NWFJCC (northwest FJC club) which is not a club at all... just a bunch of FJC guys that go out together. Their big event is a trip to the Florence Dunes around spring break. Individuals will often post up a trip they want to do and see who want to go out...
  12. lgrt

    Finally picked up a GX!

    Nice truck.
  13. lgrt

    GX470 Rear Differential Oil Change Video

    Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad our videos help others and appreciate hearing from guys who enjoy them.
  14. lgrt

    GX470 Rear Differential Oil Change Video

    OMH this is brillent. I'm going to have to make one of these things. Thx for the sharing!
  15. lgrt

    GX470 Rear Differential Oil Change Video

    I'm with you... getting lube back in is the most time consuming for me. I'm going to have to check out those severe gear bags. Thanks for the heads up on those.
  16. lgrt

    My Lo Budget Runner Build

    nice start.
  17. lgrt

    GX470 Rear Differential Oil Change Video

    It is 20 minutes of wrenching... but about 4 hours to video tape it all ;)
  18. lgrt

    GX470 Rear Differential Oil Change Video

    Most folks here know how to change the gear lube in their truck's rear differential but for the guys new to wrenching on their overland truck I wanted to post up this how to video. Changing the rear diff oil is an easy maintenance job and one you should do on a regular schedule as well as when...
  19. lgrt

    New Fj owner

    Welcome to MUD.
  20. lgrt

    Bigger heavier tires on stock carrier

    I run heavy E rated 10 ply 34" M/Ts. The tire just fits. When the door is shut, I cannot slide a finger between the tire and bumper. The weight is noticeable when opening and closing the door. I always walk the door open rather than just let the door swing open and stress the parts when it...
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