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  1. Kofoed

    Random Picture Thread

    Lone Pine Peak, with a glimpse of Langely left background. It is just south of MtW
  2. Kofoed

    Random Picture Thread

    a bit to the south on Stradella
  3. Kofoed

    Random Picture Thread

    Getty center , top center.
  4. Kofoed

    Icon external reservoir exploded

    ICON does not do servicing in house anymore. Make sure you mail your stuff to a authorized place 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 Shock Rebuild Service & Upgrade Information | Icon Vehicle Dynamics -
  5. Kofoed

    Random Picture Thread

    Lubken Canyon Rd
  6. Kofoed

    Need help with offline maps

    I have GAIA and somethings are easy, and some not. I am having trouble laying out a route on desktop and then dowloading the map and route to phone.
  7. Kofoed

    Favorite Characters - Film, TV, or Literature

    I was laid up at home for a bit and the Andy Griffith Show had me rolling on the floor
  8. Kofoed

    Random Picture Thread

    more eastern Sierran awesomeness..
  9. Kofoed

    What have you done to your 100 Series this week?

    Visited Cerro Gordo
  10. Kofoed

    Gaia and an Ipad

    The free app will not plot your position on an already-downloaded map IF you are not connected to a cell network. This is why I sprung for the member sub. Fill out online subscription, bail when they ask for credit card card, and you will get a discount offer by email a week later. It is a...
  11. Kofoed

    Random Picture Thread

    Highway 395 near lone Pine looking at Cerro Gordo area (New York Butte) and Cerro Gordo looking back at 395 and eastern Sierra.
  12. Kofoed

    Need some tent stakes

    You could always buy a length of #4 rebar and cut it and bend it to your liking. I use big fat long plastic stakes for sand and small whimy alum stakes (2) for backpacking. All my s*** is free standing. The stakes are for guy lines in the wind and rain
  13. Kofoed

    Sinking brake pedal at stop light.

    link please?
  14. Kofoed

    Random Picture Thread

    Very bad ass older dirt bike...
  15. Kofoed

    School me on iPhone based GPS mapping?

    I recently got the Member version (pay) of GAIA. What was an absolute requirement was that the gps would work and plot my position on the map without cell network connectivity. The free version does not have this--deal breaker. I set up an account, and when it came time to pay I bailed on it...
  16. Kofoed


    He is actually out there working and sent the pic to me a midnight.....I asked for the lat/lon but haven't gotten anything yet
  17. Kofoed


    A snap shot of some very small liquefaction boils at "a" dry lake. He didn't tell which playa, but it does show there was a liquefaction event.
  18. Kofoed


    I found the spot of Google Earth a few days ago. What has me sort of fixated on this small, insignificant (relatively) area is the USGS said "dewatering" This is all preliminary, I understand, but the limits of the feature are odd, as well as the boundary condition. It would seem that the...
  19. Kofoed


    The fan would be more likely to liquefy that then fine grained (clay/silt) playa deposits. If the playa deposits did liquefy, they would extend under the fan deposits, as the fan is prograding. The playa would also have to have an occassional sandy, saturated layer shallower than about 50-60...
  20. Kofoed


    Why doesn't dewatering (liquefaction?) fissure extend into the fan deposits? I've not seen an oblique photo of the area to help. I have a couple buds out there now working for the CGS, so far they've not sent me any good stuff.
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