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  1. Frey

    1997 3rd Gen 4Runner Build Thread

    For anyone interested, I've started a build thread for my 1997 4Runner in the LA Land Krewesers clubhouse... BUILD :: Moose - 3rd Gen 1997 4Runner I'm aiming for well-built daily driver for now, but we'll see. :cheers:
  2. Frey

    BUILD :: Moose - 3rd Gen 1997 4Runner

    Welcome to the build thread for my new-to-me 4Runner. It's a 1997 SR5 V6 5-Speed 4x4 with E-Locker in the rear and 168k on the clock. I've affectionately nicknamed it the Moose. It was originally bought in Vegas and it's lived in Utah, California, Wyoming and now Louisiana. I purchased from...
  3. Frey

    Moose :: 1997 Toyota 4Runner

    1997 Toyota 4Runner (2012-08-05 15:35:29)
  4. Frey

    New to 'MUD - Seeking advice...

    New to the forum... Been lurking, trying to soak in as much knowledge as I can. I have an opportunity to buy my first FJ40. It's a 1978, original 2F and 4-Spd. Supposedly runs well, hoping to drive it soon. My concern lies with the rust. It looks great at first glance and upon closer...
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