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    sPod Mounting Options (PowerTray?) in 200 series Land Cruiser

    Has anyone used any of the PowerTrays to successfully mount an sPod in their 200 series Land Cruiser? I'm finally to the point of adding electronics (lights, etc) to my rig and grabbed an sPod. Before I go drilling holes in my fuse box cover, I wanted to see if anyone has ordered a mount from...
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    ARB Bull Bar: Having Trouble Wiring Lights

    It seems like only a few short months ago I was having issues wiring up the ARB rear bumper and here I am having problems with the indicators on the ARB bull bar. Could be a pattern 🤣 Here's where I'm at so far: bumper is installed, fog light kit is installed, and the indicator lights are...
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    Another aftermarket stereo thread (Seicane)

    Took my first long distance drive in my 2013 LC last week and it performed wonderfully after I figured out a few of the quirks. One of which is the stereo system. I've seen a couple threads here about people thinking about or looking at some of the "Tesla" style stereos. I don't recall any of...
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    ARB rear bumper install questions

    This weekend I'm going through the process of installing an ARB rear bumper. I've read through a couple of the install threads here so far and they've been helpful in a few aspects. A couple things I've noticed right off the bat: there are major fitment issues getting the new bumper to fit all...
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    What's the trick to reinstalling stabilizer bar links?

    Over the last couple days, I've been installing a new Icon suspension on my stock 2013 LC200. The lift is about 2.5" and (other issues aside) the last thing I need to do but can't figure out for the life of me, is reconnecting the left-hand side stabilizer bar link. I've tried jacking up the...
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