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  1. gilmorneau

    For Sale 1994 FJ75 Troopy on Ebay--Not Mine Petrol, not diesel. Claimed low miles original. Looks a little rough around the edges for such low mileage, but certainly not out of the question. Has a/c for all those guys who always ask...
  2. gilmorneau

    For Sale Colorado 1988 BJ71 LHD 13B-T Another Price Drop!!

    Here's my other BJ71. I was going to wait until I sold the first one to list this, but if you've been watching my ad here: then you'll know I've run into a little snag with that one...
  3. gilmorneau

    For Sale 1984 Diesel Hilux in Europe w/ 17,000 original miles!

    Not mine, but a friend in Europe just alerted me to this...
  4. gilmorneau

    For Sale Boulder, CO 1988 LHD BJ71 13B-T Cable Lockers NEW INFO, NEW PRICE

    I've finally decided to just sell this--I had big plans, but, you know, life happens sometimes. Relatively rare truck (most BJ71's are RHD from Japan--this one's LHD from Europe), I imported this myself from Italy. Some of you may have seen it here when it arrived at the Port...
  5. gilmorneau

    Troopies of Overland Expo West 2019

    Since I have a Troopy, I'm super tuned into them and took photos of every one I saw at Expo. Thought I'd share. This one is Maltec. Turbo 1HZ, 80-series chassis, really nicely done, but expensive. From another vendor's booth (sorry, didn't get the name and the car was unattended and...
  6. gilmorneau

    For Sale Boulder, CO Set of 5 OEM 16" 6-lug Split Rims--SOLD!

    Wheels are straight, and in original white paint (Euro Spec). Should clean up easily. Pickup in Boulder, CO or (for reasonable distances) possibly meet halfway by prior arrangement. If you'll be at Overland Expo West, I can bring them with. Last option, I can strap them to a pallet if you...
  7. gilmorneau

    For Sale Boulder, CO Set of 5 OEM Chrome FJ60 Wheels--SOLD

    Wheels are straight, chrome is good. No pitting, rash, or rust, but they have a little grime on them. Should polish up nicely. Pickup in Boulder, CO or (for reasonable distances) possibly meet halfway by prior arrangement. If you'll be at Overland Expo West, I can bring them with. Last...
  8. gilmorneau

    For Sale HZJ75 pickup in Europe--Low Miles, No Rust + A/C

    In keeping with my habit of posting interesting 70-series trucks that I've come across, here's another one. 1995 HZJ75 pickup with only 110500km (under 69k miles) from new, claimed no rust, and optional air conditioning. Aside from the ghastly paint job (let's hope it's just stickers), it...
  9. gilmorneau

    For Sale 1991 PZJ75 Fire Truck in Denmark--38,000 orig km, always garaged!

    I keep an eye on interesting trucks for sale in Europe, and just found this one...
  10. gilmorneau

    For Sale Most Beautiful PZJ75 You'll Probably Ever See

    This one's available in Europe. No affiliation with the seller, but it's so pretty I thought I'd post it here for all to enjoy. Only 80-something thousand miles from new, and all original paint, interior, and mechanicals. It's listed at 29000 Euro, so not cheap, and there'd be a few...
  11. gilmorneau

    For Sale Rough (will probably go cheap) Troopy on eBay

    This ought to satisfy someone who wants to get into a Troopy for cheap. No affiliation with the seller. 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser | eBay It makes the one I have for sale look fantastic: For Sale - LHD BJ75 Troopy $15,900 Latest info at end of Thread
  12. gilmorneau

    For Sale 70-series: NOS snorkel, Troopy seats, spare tire carriers, ++

    I've got a few things around here that are either spares or were going to go on my Troopy, but I decided against it. Figured I'd throw them on here and see if anyone's interested. One complete NOS OEM Toyota snorkel kit. Fits 70, 71, 73, 74, and 75 series. Complete with all necessary...
  13. gilmorneau

    Need Advice on Checking Health of a 13B-T

    Title says it all. I've got a 13b-t, supposedly only 110k km. Seems to run OK, but I was thinking of swapping it into another truck, so I'd like to get compression, leak down, etc. before I go to the trouble. Anybody know of a reputable diesel mechanic near Fresno, CA who might know something...
  14. gilmorneau

    Fun Photo: Troopy Pair

    Thought people might enjoy this snapshot I took the other day.
  15. gilmorneau

    For Sale LHD BJ75 Troopy--Sale Pending

    Because I've had several people contact me about "where did you get your Troopy?" and "Can you get one for me?", I decided to bring in another one and try to sell it. This one's a left hand drive model from Europe, BJ75, so has the 3B motor + H55 transmission, a little over 150k miles on it...
  16. gilmorneau

    Shipping from Australia

    So...I've been in Australia for 6 months, and now I finally get back to the USA and one of my contacts over there has found something I'm looking for. I realize that, strictly speaking, this is a tech forum, but I know there's a lot of 70-series coming over from Australia and I'm wondering if...
  17. gilmorneau

    For Sale ICUMI--The Best FJ40 on Earth (really)

    Not mine. No affiliation. But what an awesome truck! Absolute time capsule. 5K-Mile 1978 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40
  18. gilmorneau

    In Australia hunting parts for my Troopy, Anybody need anything?

    The title pretty much says it all. I'm here anyway, so I thought I'd pick up a few things for my new Troopy (bought in France, on the boat right now!). Got myself some Aussie spec tail lights and a proper air cleaner for a snorkel-equipped 'Cruiser (so I won't have to butcher the one I have...
  19. gilmorneau

    70 series Locking Differentials--cable, electric parts compatibility

    Does anyone know if the 70 series axles with locking differential are the same between a cable locked 70 series (from before 1990) and an electric locked one (after 1990)? In other words, is it just the actuation method and hardware that's different, or are the axles themselves different as...
  20. gilmorneau

    A Tale of Two Troopies

    Hello all, Over the years I’ve gleaned tons of good info here, but this is my first post. I’ve been looking off and on for years now trying to find a clean original Troopy, but have inevitably been disappointed by rust, RHD, high miles or ‘restored’ Land Cruisers, thick with Bondo and fresh...
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