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  1. Fj60rick

    Starter wiring question

    Hey y’all, dumb question time, and I’ve searched but haven’t come up with much, I’m trying to reinstall my starter that I took off a while ago when replacing my transmission, but I can’t remember where this black/yellow wire attaches. I assume it’s a ground because it’s bolted to the frame. Does...
  2. Fj60rick

    Exhaust bracket question

    Hey y’all, Im nearing the end of my h55f swap into my 87 60 and I can’t figure out where this exhaust bracket goes. I took it off a few months ago and can’t seem to line it up anywhere, if anyone could post a pic of theirs or explain where it goes it would be much appreciated. Thanks for the...
  3. Fj60rick

    Tcase rebuild question

    Hey y’all, I’m rebuilding my tcase (or trying to) and am stuck trying to get the old bearing race out of the bearing retainer, at least I think that’s what they’re called. I think I remember seeing people talk about freezing and then heating but couldn’t find much on it. Is that the best way to...
  4. Fj60rick

    Tcase tap and plug

    Hey y’all, I’m starting the t-case rebuild for my 5speed swap, I think I’ve gotten everything squared away except for the tap and plug for the extra hole. I’ve looked but haven’t been able to find much, is there a specific plug and tap size everyone uses or is it kind of a find what works...
  5. Fj60rick

    Stupid question

    Hey y’all, Yesterday I broke a semi hard hose, it runs from over by the carb somewhere, over the top of the engine behind the air cleaner and down the passenger side of the engine block. It connect to the block, not sure what it connects to though. I’ll add a pic. Anyways, anyone know what the...
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