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    Increase 2f horsepower

    My 12/68 FJ40 had an F with headers and pertonix, Chenoweth carb on 31 inch tires. Would do 80 on the flat but blew the engine trying to do 60 to 65 on a five hour trip. Recently swapped in an 86 2F with a chenoweth recurved 60 distributor, F intake and a chenoweth 73 carb and headers. Will...
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    SOLD [GA ] 60s to early 70s Complete cluster

    Pm incoming
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    For Sale Knuckle centering tool OEM

    I agree you did, however having had my posts for parts interfered with on occasion I would like to point out a couple things with out hijacking your original post. First, this is an open market, however unless you are interested in buying the part or have info to support the post, please...
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    For Sale Knuckle centering tool OEM

    Moderator? Looks like a great place for you to come alive?
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    Wanted  OH. 12/68 Fj40 speedo/odometer assembly or a good complete cluster

    Looking for either a complete Gauge cluster or just a good speedo/odometer assy. Pictures of what you have and price please.
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    For Sale  OH. OEM power Steering Pump and bracket like new condition

    OEM power steering pump and bracket. Came off a 1981 Fj60. Brand new was run for less than 1000 miles and the the truck was t boned by an f250. Comes with all shown. $ 500 plus the ride
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    '68 dash issues/questions

    Sorry I was joking. But there is a good thread on here about what and where all the knobs are. I am not good at searching but I know it’s here
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    '68 dash issues/questions

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    Your thoughts are requested

    Jdc1 and I are having some discussions on my 12/68 Fj40 and what I should or should not do. This is actually a conversation we all need to visit as these 40s are getting pretty hard to get. This one has been with us for about 8 years and we have worked together and have made this survivor very...
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    For Sale  Ohio Fj60 OEM power steering pump bracket and pulley

    Like brand new OEM power steering pump. Was installed and 2 months later trick was t-boned and totaled. Was on an 81 Fj60 and I believe it fits through 87. Bracket and pulley included. $500.00 plus the ride
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    1966 wheel cylinders

    66 has 9mm line size wheel cylinders, 73 has 10mm. All fittings would have to be updated as well as the master
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    Vin plate on 8/1968 fj40

    I have a manufacture date of 01/69 FJ40 titled as a 69 Frame number 64770, as Living in the Past says it shares many parts with the 68 year. When I order parts I refer to it as a 12/68. You can get the month of manufacture I believe on the SOR site. I have gotten in the habit of calling...
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    Carb cooling fan and sniper

    The carb cooler is just old school cool and it does help protect the intake
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    FJ40 Tie Rod End Tips

    Don't forget to anti -sieze threads before reassembly.
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    New to IH8MUD

    If you pay someone else to do the work it is going to cost money. We have been Involved in several builds over the past 7 years. Watched a ton more here on the forum. I've seen really flashy, pretty trucks that sold for way more than they were worth, some were a buyers nightmare. Saw many...
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    New to IH8MUD

    Definitely non-us. No heater and looks like a 69 carb breather, mash up and not a lot of close ups
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    New to IH8MUD

    Welcome to the forum. Pretty paint and interior on that one. where it counts is in its build sheet and pictures of the process. If it has been gone through properly and done with toyota parts the price may be reasonable if not cheap. First glance indicates a non-US market truck and maybe a...
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    question concerning stainless steel bolts and captured nuts

    X2 on the anti seize. Your grandkids will appreciate it.....
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