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  1. Anvil

    Wanted  Wanted: 1997 1Fz-Fe engine

    Looking for a 1997 1FZ-Fe engine to rebuild for my 97. I'm not in a big hurry, but wanted to start looking. Please let me know what you have. Thanks!
  2. Anvil

    AC amplifier test?

    Is there a way to test the a/c amplifier? I replaced mine with a used unit... I have power going in but not out. I realize the used unit may be bad as well. I'd like to test it before buying a new amplifier... they're a bit pricey. Thanks!
  3. Anvil

    Drawer handles and carpet question

    I'll be building a rear drawer/sleep platform soon. Where do I find cool drawer handles/latches, similar to ARB. I've seen some on MUD... but cannot locate them. I had them bookmarked on my old computer, but it crashed a few months ago. I've been trying to find them for two days! For the guys...
  4. Anvil

    Need advice: Transmission slipping when parked

    Yesterday I removed the front driveshaft to replace ujoints and cv joint in my 97 Fzj80. I have not yet reinstalled the drive shaft. I parked the rig on a slight incline last night, and this morning, it had moved two vehicle lengths over night. Why is it doing this? What do I need to repair...
  5. Anvil

    WTB 1997 1fz-fe to rebuild

    I'm located in Mason, and looking to purchase a running 1997 1fz-fe to rebuild. I'm not in a big hurry and don't mind driving a good ways to pick up an engine. Any help locating an engine will be much appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Anvil

    Wanted  1997 1fz-fe

    I'm located in central Texas and looking for a running 1997 1FZ-FE to rebuild. Not in a hurry... my cruiser just turned 200k this morning... thought I'd start looking for a replacement. Thanks!
  7. Anvil

    Wanted  1997 Fzj80 passenger side head light cover

    Need the passenger side front head light cover. Please contact me if you have one for sale. Thank you!
  8. Anvil

    Denso A/C compressor question

    9 months ago I replaced all a/c components on my 1997 80 and recharged the system. Yesterday the new Denso A/C compressor started "sqealing" loudly. I assume the clutch is bad. Can the clutch be replaced with out removing the compressor? Will I lose the freon charge? What tools are needed...
  9. Anvil

    SOLD  16x8 Steelies for sale

    Here's 5 steelies for sale mounted on BFG's 13.50 x 345 (37's). Wheels are in great shape. Tires have a little life left in them. The spare was never used and looks new, it road on the bumper of my 1997 Fj80 for the last 3 years. I can strap these to a pallet and ship if needed. Wheels and...
  10. Anvil

    1FZ-Fe power loss

    I've read a few threads on this subject, but my situation is a little different. Though one thread was similar... but I didn't understand a wiring harness issue. So, I'm starting this thread, and REALLY need some help diagnosing. I have a 1997 Fzj80 with 175K miles. Over night the engine has...
  11. Anvil

    Rust Bullet on roof?

    I have a white 97 Fzj80. I plan to paint it myself in the next year or so (and no, I'm not a professional painter, a novice at best). The roof has light surface rust that needs to be addressed now. I'm contemplating lightly sanding and applying white Rust Bullet White Shell. Has anyone done...
  12. Anvil

    For Sale  Warn 8274

    Selling a newer style Warn 8274 with remote. I bought this for my 40 and never used it. Have since sold the 40. Asking $500 I'm in Lafayette, Louisiana.
  13. Anvil

    Real time rear heater bypass question

    I had coolant leaking from the rear heater coolant lines behind the heat shield. I decided to bypass the rear heater for now. The picture below is what I currently have. (I know, I need Gates Green Stripe but this is the only heater hose the parts store had.) It's been 5 days and I still have...
  14. Anvil

    Rear heater hose shield advise

    After searching relentlessly, I'm posting a thread for advise. I had to remove the rear heater hose shield due to a leak. Two of the three studs broke. My questions... 1) What is the best way to reattach the shield? I'm not opposed to welding as a last resort. 2) Since I opted to bypass the...
  15. Anvil

    Need some headlight troubleshooting help (Please!)

    Could use some help troubleshooting my headlight problem... About a year ago, I installed the Slee Headlight Harness along with 9011/9012 bulbs. All has been fine. I have enjoyed the upgrade! I recently had the battery boxes out while replacing all coolant components, front crankshaft seal, oil...
  16. Anvil

    A/c Compressor question...

    I recently replaced all cooling components on my 97 Fzj8o. I also replace the front crank seal, oil pump gasket, belt tensioners, and belts. All parts were oem. Now, when I turn on the air conditioner, the compressor makes a clicking/rattling sound (I think its the compressor, not 100%...
  17. Anvil

    Thermostat housing question

    I spent the past few days replacing all of the cooling system components (1997 Fzj80) along with the front crankshaft seal and oil pump cover gasket. I cannot get the thermostat housing to seal. I've tried 6 times using OEM thermostat gaskets... finally resorted to using RV sealant along with...
  18. Anvil

    Rear brake pin boot part number

    Does anyone have the part number for the long rubber pin boot (the part on the right in the photo) for the rear brakes on my 97 Fzj80? I've checked several websites and have found all of the parts I need except this one. Thanks!
  19. Anvil

    Is anyone running Ironman M/T tires?

    While having my front end aligned yesterday... I mentioned to the tire guy that I will soon be needing new 37 x 12.50 M/T's. He suggested and raved about Ironman M/T tires. I'd never heard of them. The price is darn cheap ($200 per tire) and the reviews seem good for the most part. Here's a...
  20. Anvil

    Wanted  Fj Cruiser wheels

    Looking for 4 or 5 FJ Cruiser 17 x 7.5 aluminum wheels. Please send ( me pics and a price. Thanks!
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