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  1. RoadTripSteve

    Builds  Reef - 100 Series Land Cruiser Build

    Hey guys! Meet Reef. Reef is a 2002 River-Rock Mica Land Cruiser with 215k miles. I saved Reef from a life of soccer trips and family vacations back in February. It was love at first sight. Online dating really works haha. My vision for this truck is to build the perfect beach weekend/cross...
  2. RoadTripSteve

    SOLD  NC 18" OEM Land Cruiser Wheels

    Hey guys, trying to find a set of 18" OEM Land Cruiser wheels before purchasing my next set of tires in a few weeks. Let me know if you're interested in selling yours. I'm pretty set on the style in the picture. Thanks!
  3. RoadTripSteve

    For Sale  NC 100 Series Fender Flares/Garnishes

    (River Rock Green) Fender Flares. Just took these off my 2002 Land Cruiser. They are in good condition, only a few scratches here and there. I tried to get the worst spots in the photos. Asking $175 + Shipping.
  4. RoadTripSteve

    craigslist  2004 Land Cruiser

    Has anyone looked at this one? I have friend thinking about flying down next week to get it.
  5. RoadTripSteve

    SOLD  NC 100 Series Land Cruiser

    Hey guys! Trying to find a 100 series Land Cruiser for a buddy. Does anyone have one under 210k within 1k miles of east coast, NC? He's willing to fly. Price range 0-12.5k.
  6. RoadTripSteve

    SOLD  Wilmington, NC 2000 Lexus LX470

    2000 Lexus lx470. Needs nothing. It is in excellent condition and runs like a new truck! Lots of highway miles. Maintenance has been regularly performed — brand new suspension at around 115k miles. The timing belt and water pump were done at 195k miles. No off-road use except for a few dirt...
  7. RoadTripSteve

    Builds  Charlie Oats (Lexus lx470 Build)

    Hey guys! Meet Charlie Oats. Charlie is a 2000 Lexus lx470 with 234k miles. I picked up this truck a few weeks ago for a road trip across the US this summer. We're going to skate, surf, bike, fish and camp the whole way. So Charlie is going to need some outfitting. "Slowly, but surely"
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