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  1. Fj60rick

    Parting Out NC: 1989 brown FJ62 interior and misc engine parts electronics

    Looking for passenger side rear mud flap, if you have one?
  2. Fj60rick

    Bolt size?

    I got some M12-1.75x100mm, they’re too long for my stand, but they threaded into those holes easily. Don’t have a good way of measuring depth tho.
  3. Fj60rick

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Did my first solo engine pull today, that thing is heavy!
  4. Fj60rick

    Recommended JDM shops in Austin area

    Landcruiser Specialist located at 13501 HWY 183 N. Building B Austin, Texas 78750 Is great. I think rising sun on Lamar also works on cruisers but am not 100%
  5. Fj60rick

    Power steering pump...multiple failures here’s the link, super easy swap and a great upgrade! Good luck
  6. Fj60rick

    A sad sight

    Man, that is sad to see. anyone know how I can get a hold of that rear passenger side mudflap though🤷‍♂️
  7. Fj60rick

    Starter wiring question

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate the help!
  8. Fj60rick

    Starter wiring question

    Thanks for the response, thats what I thought but I can’t seem to find anywhere else that it’ll fit/reach
  9. Fj60rick

    Need help from transfer case rebuilders, real stupid mistake.

    Hey saucer, I just finished rebuilding my Tcase, though I don’t remember which bearing went where, there is two great YouTube videos on rebuilding the cases, if you haven’t seen them yet, that pretty much walk it through step by step and I think they mention which bearings go where. One is by...
  10. Fj60rick

    Starter wiring question

    Hey y’all, dumb question time, and I’ve searched but haven’t come up with much, I’m trying to reinstall my starter that I took off a while ago when replacing my transmission, but I can’t remember where this black/yellow wire attaches. I assume it’s a ground because it’s bolted to the frame. Does...
  11. Fj60rick

    Exhaust bracket question

    thats a huge help, thanks so much George!
  12. Fj60rick

    Exhaust bracket question

    Hey y’all, Im nearing the end of my h55f swap into my 87 60 and I can’t figure out where this exhaust bracket goes. I took it off a few months ago and can’t seem to line it up anywhere, if anyone could post a pic of theirs or explain where it goes it would be much appreciated. Thanks for the...
  13. Fj60rick

    Tcase rebuild question

    Thanks guys! Will give this a try
  14. Fj60rick

    Tcase rebuild question

    Hey y’all, I’m rebuilding my tcase (or trying to) and am stuck trying to get the old bearing race out of the bearing retainer, at least I think that’s what they’re called. I think I remember seeing people talk about freezing and then heating but couldn’t find much on it. Is that the best way to...
  15. Fj60rick

    H55F prices

    I recently paid about 3100 for one from Redline cruisers, but shipping was a few hundred (from CO to TX)
  16. Fj60rick

    Pedal pads

    I second cruiser corps, I got both a clutch and break pedal pad from them!
  17. Fj60rick

    Tcase tap and plug

    The dealership didn’t have the part and said it was back ordered a week. @roma042987 thanks for the info, I’ll look and see if I have a bolt that size.
  18. Fj60rick

    Tcase tap and plug

    thanks! I figured they wouldn’t stock them, was going to just order one online but they want 12$shipping on a 2 dollar part. Appreciate the help!
  19. Fj60rick

    Tcase tap and plug

    Going to see if my local Toyota shop has or can get one of those plugs when they open tomorrow, I like the idea of a Toyota plug. Does the type of locktite matter? Since it’s sitting in oil all the time was wondering if it’ll dissolve it
  20. Fj60rick

    Tcase tap and plug

    Thanks everyone! Huge help, appreciate y’all
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