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    For Sale  1979 fj40 , 34472, $7500

    1970 fj40. Located in ocala, fl 34472 . This rig is built as far as one can be while maintaining driveability and the classic fj40 look. ENGINE : 1993 reman 350 4bolt main SBC with tbi. TRANSMISSION : 4x4 SM465 6.56:1 FIRST GEAR TRANSFERCASE : 2.28 TOYBOX / SPLITCASE...

    For Sale  1969 fj40 locked n loaded 140:1

    located in ocala fl 34472 8000.00 firm dropped 2500 Up for sale is a built toyota fj40. 36x13.5x15 irocks on bead locks sbc tbi 350 Sm465 with toybox/splitcase 8k winch with syn line 108" wheel base on soa on cruiser springs flipped and drilled OBW , OBW, Upgraded h-4 headlights, rock...

    centered mini crusier hybrid

    200 plus the ride. will pallet and load from my dock. arrange pickup and price from 34475. will send address via pm for exact shipping price. axles included. currently drum brake, will need your cover,3rd,and hardware. I believe it is around 55" to 57" wms will need new bearings on the axle...

    north florida cruiser heads 2nd annual chocco run

    sept 30th till the 4th of oct. here is the link Login located in jaxsonville, alabama 480 acres of trails. this is where cole worx tests their bad ass buggies. 3 or 4 rigs will be there on the 25th of sept and will make a week out of it. hope to see some other cruisers there and have fun...

    d300 unknown year

    looking for 200 ocala, fl 34472 please PM

    For Sale  chevy D60 front king pin

    out of a 93 k3500. dually. 1200 also have the 14b out of it 200 and the sm465/205 long shaft, slip yoke 200 and the frame. ocala,fl 34472 please PM

    Before it closes MOAB 2010(june 4th till the 20th)

    North fl cruiser heads are planing a run and are wondering if any locals or non local want to join up . here is a link to the trip thread. Login

    d60 rear info.

    looking for d60 rear info similar to vistas 14 bolt bible. does it exist ?

    Wanted  WANTED turn sig & fuel

    I need a turn sig switch for a 75 fj. also need a fuel level sender. prefer used and cheap as i am a cheap ass and broke with a bad cruiser habit. shipped to 34472 PLEASE PM

    is there a spool available

    for the cruiser 3rds.

    downey vss for 16 spline h42

    complete with vss and harness. it is the 2 pulse 4000(maybe 2000) pulse per mile needed for TPI and 93 up TBI. unless jim corrects me this is what i recall paying for it. it was close to 350 shipped. 249 for downey kit 59 for the vss 39 for the harness will sell for 200 including ship to...

    downey belhousing 350 to h42

    ready to ship. will box and ups for 200 plus the ride. if you need a pic i will post one. located in ocala, fl 34472. SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Wanted  2 - 10"pieces of fj40 tub top rail.

    title sais it. need for a tub stretch. please pm as i recieve e-mail alerts and it will be quicker.

    trussing my 14b.

    well after shopping for a affordable truss i opted to build my own. started with 4' of 1/2 x 4" plate, and some 1/4 x 6" plate this is what i got after my first day of work.

    stretching the 40

    well after the install of a sm465/toybox/splitcase i need more drive shaft. after much deliberation i decided to cut and stretch the frame and body by 8". here are some starting pics. l plan to cut just forward of the tubular cross member . I will do a step cut by 4" which will give me a total...

    08 14 bolt mods available.

    what i have is a 08 14 bolt that needs a home unknow ratio i will count. govlock JUNK disk break needs calipers spare hubs and 1 spare long side 250 plus ride located in ocala fl 34472. you arange shipp from commericial address. will palitize. willing to narrow and turn the hubs and...

    any machinest on board. need help with a harrison m400 center lathe

    have access to lathe has no cutters or holders for the cutters. need to get these asap so i can finish a 14 bolt project.

    dowmey 350 belhousing, h41, transition case w/shifters and crossmember

    coudl not edit title it is a H42 sorry guys complete 350 swap setup. pilot bearing to brake drum. all shifters and related hardware. including custom tcase saver and cross member. Works great pulled for a sm465/toybox/splitcase will replace it. 500 plus the ride located ocala , fl 34472

    10,000 possibilities for the sm465

    3 hrs later and a ton of p/n that i could not cross reference. I recently bought a SM465/toybox/splitcase. this will be going behind a 93 350 with a 168 tooth flywheel. had a downey clutch, bellhousing mating the 350 to a h41/transition case(4speed/ 3speed gears 1974.5) many refrences to a...

    sputnik40's 14 bolt build

    no more broken pollys this is the start of a narrowed BTF trussed, shaved and trimmed 14 bolt
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