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  1. Doug_S

    craigslist  1977 FJ40 in Olympia, WA

    1977 FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser. Paint three year old White/Blue stock model with a 2.5" lift. New 6 cylinder stock engine with 1 year left on warranty. Engine and truck serviced regularly by Schuler Automotive in Olympia, WA. Rebuilt rear third member, new output shaft on transfer case w/transfer...
  2. Doug_S

    For Sale  1977 FJ40 - Mint in Olympia, WA

    For Sale or trade 1977 FJ40 In Great Shape – Olympia, WA I, unfortunately, find myself in a position of having to downsize so the 40 has to go. It has a recently rebuilt stock engine (07/08) with three year 100,000 mile warranty. Engine rebuilt by Jasper Engine Rebuilders (JASPER Engines &...
  3. Doug_S

    FS CNC Milling Machine

    I have a MaxNC Model 15 CNC milling machine with all the bells and whistles for sale. This mill features a closed loop system with optical encoders to make sure that the tool is at the correct position. Also included is an embedded (attached computer) that runs the mill. The embedded computer...
  4. Doug_S

    New Computer Purchase Advice

    My laptop is quickly dying and I need to get another computer. I like the idea of an all-in-one but I know that they are limited in their expansion capabilities. I think that I can get the biggest bang for the buck with a mini tower and a widescreen monitor. I'd like 3-4 gb of memory, at...
  5. Doug_S

    Garmin GPS 60CSx and MapSource Software

    Like the title says, I have a 60CSx and am planning a trip to the northeast side of Washington from Olympia. If I plan the route in MapSource which includes all the turns and roads that I want, the route won't be duplicated on my GPS unit when I upload it. Instead, the 60CSx forces me to...
  6. Doug_S

    HAM Radio Install In Tuffy Console

    Hi, I am going to be installing my Kenwood TM-941A tri-bander into my Tuffy 9 1/2" console. I'd like to get some feedback on the best way to go about doing this since there isn't a whole lot of room to work within the radio compartment. In fact, I cannot see a way to install the radio at...
  7. Doug_S

    1972-1979 Speedometer

    I have a used speedometer that I bought from SOR about six months ago for my '77 FJ40. I did not need it afterall. I paid $100 and I'll sell it for $60+ride from 98502. SOR says that it tested good. PM me if interested.
  8. Doug_S

    Used '72-'79 Speedometer

    Hi have a used speedometer that I recently purchased from SOR. It is guaranteed, from SOR, to work correctly. Their price...$100. I'll sell it to you for $50.00. I just want it gone. Price firm. Buyer to pay shipping from 98502.
  9. Doug_S

    Speedometer Instrument for Sale

    I have a used speedometer for sale that I recently purchased at SOR for $100. I was assured by SOR that it worked correctly. I ended up not using it afterall. It's labeled, on the back, that "only the 10/100 work." I hooked it up to a drill motor and it all appeared to work correctly to me...
  10. Doug_S

    Military Trailer on Craigslist

    Hi, I noticed this trailer on Craigslist today. No affiliation Military trailer
  11. Doug_S

    Stock Center Console

    I have a stock center console out of my '77 FJ40. It's missing paint on some of the surfaces but, other than that, it's totally serviceable. I've put in a Tuffy console and don't need the stock one any longer. Price: $40.00+shipping, location: Olympia, WA 98502.
  12. Doug_S

    1977 Ignition Ignitor for sale

    1977 Ignition Ignitor...Free I have an ignitor for a '77 FJ40 ignition system. It's piggybacked onto the back of the coil. I don't know if it works so the price! You pay for the ride.
  13. Doug_S

    Pining 2F

    Hi, When I run "regular" gas in my '77 desmogged 2F with an SOR two-piece header, non USA dizzy and non-USA Aisin carburator, I expereince pinging while on the freeway. It's a bit disconcerting since when I go up even a small incline the engine sounds like it's going to ping itself to death...
  14. Doug_S

    Tuffy Radio Installation

    I bought a Tuffy consol several months ago and am finally getting ready to install my ham radio. How the heck do I get the u-shaped bracket mounted to the inside of the radio compartment while still having the mounting bracket attached to the radio? It doesn't appear that the radio compartment...
  15. Doug_S

    Garmin 60CS(x) Volume

    Has anyone figured out how to raise the volume of their Garmin 60C or equivelant? The cab, as many of us in FJ40s can attest to, is quite noisy so it would be nice of the volume could be raised. Thanks in advance! :beer:
  16. Doug_S

    Oil Pressure Gauge

    Hi, I have a oil pressure gauge that isn't working at all. I bought a new sending unit from Cruiserdan and installed it and the gauge still doesn't give any reading. I noticed about a week ago that the needle deflected all the way to the uppermost limit and then dropped to zero causing me...
  17. Doug_S

    Wanted  Wanted Thule FJ40 Rack

    Hi, Just checking to see if anyone has a Thule rack suitable for mounting on my ' 77 FJ40. The dealer wants a considerable amount of money. I'd rather help out one of you who wants to get rid of a rack. Anyone???:) I'm located in Olympia, WA.
  18. Doug_S

    Non-USA Distributor/Pertronix Installation

    I thought that I'd post this since I had a dickens of a time getting the correct Pertronix Ignitor for my non-USA distripbutor. The part number that I needed to have is 1661. The box says it's for a 6 cyl Nippondenso dizzy. I hope that this helps someone in the future. It could have saved me...
  19. Doug_S

    Lock Kit for Warn 8274 in WA

    Hello, I have a lock kit that I bought from SOR several months ago. It is designed to fit a Warn 8274. I'm located in Olympia WA (98501). Price $20.00.
  20. Doug_S

    Hood for sale in Olympia, WA

    Hi, I have a hood for sale suitable for a '77 FJ40. It has some rust toward the front and a dent toward the rear. If you'd like to see additional photos, pm me with your e-mail address and I'll send 'em along. Specify which areas that you'd like to see in the photo. Shipping would be...
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