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  1. veeLC

    Birf not swiveling after rebuild

    In rebuilding my 80 series birfs, the DS knuckle would not swivel after inserting the axle. Is there a certain orientation to set the inner and outer cages that would fix this? Thanks
  2. veeLC

    80's + drama

    The 80's rule in the town of Fortitude and the drama is enough to keep it interesting. Fortitude (TV Series 2015– ) - IMDb
  3. veeLC

    CA CL 55 4sale I'd like to own one one but till then, have at it.
  4. veeLC

    Wanted  80 OME 2.5 med

    Located in NorCal. PayPal ready.
  5. veeLC

    Wanted  WTB OME 2.5 med rears

    Located in NorCal. PayPal ready.
  6. veeLC

    Transmission fluid observation

    Okay, I just replaced 5 qts of Elsies transmission fluid (Walmart Supertech Dex III) with Toyota OEM T-IV. What a difference. Smoother, better timed shifts with just a drain and fill. Plan on replacing the rest in the next few weeks. Lesson: IMHO in this case USE TOYOTA T-IV AND NOT...
  7. veeLC


    Hey guys, Has anyone out there ever seen or heard of a General Motors Corp. GM 6.2 L Diesel being dropped into an 80 series frame? These are the same engines that come out of the M998's (HMMWV). Aloha
  8. veeLC

    Engine cut's out.

    My engine (1FZ-FE) cuts out or has a very low idle <200rpm after: -it comes off the freeway or a long high speed drive -I come down a hill to a stop all this of course after it warms up. Curiously, after it dies and I restart the engine it runs smooth, idles normal @ 600rpm. I use...
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