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  1. animaldevictor

    HJ45 Rust Coffee carrier Resto

    Now that I'm old and tired, I decided to search for my dream Land Cruiser, and Here is How the Fun begins:
  2. animaldevictor

    BJ60 rollover and getting back to the road

    Hi All, Greetings from Costa Rica, it's being a long time since I do not post anything about my rig since I sold my fj55, well, after wandering around, selling my 82 bj60 and changing it for a 2008 Suzuki Jimny, I decided to get me a 40 years birthday gift a nice 1984 bj60, that was last year...
  3. animaldevictor

    Rebuild or not rebuild, that´s the question?

    Hi guys, I recently sold my beloved fj55 and I decided to start a new adventure, rebuild an BJ60 that I found near my house. it has a 3B that still runs, but as a part of the plan Iwanted to rebuild the engine and install a turbo. checking out I will start sending the car to a diesel Lab so...
  4. animaldevictor

    BJ60 Costarrican Build, Tons OF RuSt!!!

    Hi Colleges, Well after Rebuilding, wheeling, and sadly selling my 1975 FJ55, I spotted a 1982 BJ60, pretty stock, and canadian spec(here in Costa Rica They sold only the HJ60) frame looks like quesse, the boby still on good shape, so I desided to go for it. Gas prices Here are headding up...
  5. animaldevictor

    Another Issue with a Diszzy

    Hi fellow knights, well this time A'm asking for help on this. last week I found a band new vaccum advance for my dizzy, that Is looking while ago. I installed the advance without pulling the Distribuitor out from the engine. try to run the engine and there was no spark on the number 2 , 6...
  6. animaldevictor

    NEED Ideas for a new front bumper

    Good evening felow Drivers, once again, your colege from Tiquicia is seeking for help, now the issues is the the following : I am currently atemping to built a new set of front and rear bumpers, but at this specific time of the year my brain is damage, so there´s no creativity to invent a...
  7. animaldevictor

    Bumpers a la tica

    hi everybody, here we are again my pig is it going to be ready in 5 days , so in the meantime i have started to make the bullbars, so i started to take some ideas, but in the end ,i just started to masure and cut , with the help of my new chinesse plasma cutter (survived the test)
  8. animaldevictor

    Shock mount for a Pig

    well as a part of the resto that i am making to my pig, and with the good advice from many of you, Decided to make a longer shock mounts first I started making some bending plate but i wasn´t convence that will hold so I have desided to use a cedule 40 1, 1/4 tubing and some pieces of L...
  9. animaldevictor

    SOA a La tica

    hi there wehn i have started to restore my FJ55,while MY "animal" is on the piant shop, i decided to go SOA . (to much junk on my mother 's back yard) i have started modfying 1987 an fj60 front axle hoousing to fit on a FJ55 [/ATTACH] i cut and turn for another project that didn't start (have to...
  10. animaldevictor

    Rookie Intro Pig from Costa Rica

    :cool:Hi all , i just whanted to introduce my Pig, we call him "El aminal", is fj 55 1975, still runing strong the last 10 years that we have been using it, is currently on restoration proccess, we're setting the SOA and minitruck disc brakes and rear toyota disc brakes and chevy power...
  11. animaldevictor

    rear disc for my 55

    Hi, there i have recently done a rear disc convertion to my fj55 , idea it was to follow the steps that most of you, going chevy calipers and rotor discs , but unfortunatly, here in costa rica does calipers are kind a hard to find, so i chosse the follow set up: toyota starlet 87...
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