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  1. ZombieResponseUnit

    Here are the Toyota part #s for a starter rebuild.

    Hope I’m not highjacking a thread here, but I’m looking for help identifying a starter and maybe finding new contacts. I have had this 1980 HJ45 for ~9 years now. The starter has always been weak, and drained batteries faster then I would expect. I’ve had the unit in a rebuild shop, and he told...
  2. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale  West Virginia: 1985 VW Golf Diesel

    This is our 1985 VW 5sp 1.6l diesel. Currently 228k but still in use. This has been a great car for long daily commutes and several long road trips. Wail I’ve had it I have been replacing things to make it a dependable car for long trips. I have records for some. Motor and drivetrain are solid...
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  8. ZombieResponseUnit

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    Keep an eye out for the build thread coming soon. I know We all want to see another fj60:bj60 conversion.
  9. ZombieResponseUnit

    What did you do with your 60 this weekend?

    ‘Bout got the 2f ready to pull!!
  10. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale 1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    Warmed up, it let run awail. Yes, I’m a little boy inside, so I opened it up it some. Wow it runs good! I’m not used to that much HP. I tested it with the motor off and just cranking. FSM states “145-114psi at 225rpm” so that’s what I did.
  11. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale 1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    Compression test data: 135,130,125,130,125,135psi
  12. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale 1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    Price drop: $800 for everything, obo if you pick-up.
  13. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale 1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    Great questions! I don’t have a compression tester, but could borrow one if someone really needs to know. I don’t know if it burns oil. I haven’t had the fj60 for long. I got it as a project and have only driven around the farm. I haven’t noticed any signs of oil consumption. No blue smoke, oil...
  14. ZombieResponseUnit

    For Sale  1982 2F w/ 4sp and transfer

    I am starting a build/enigine swap on a ‘82 FJ60. It has a strong running 2F. The transmission shifts weird from 2nd :1st, more on this if you call. But I’ll throw in everything that is hooked to the motor, fan to transfer case. It brings me pain to let it go, I believe the 2F is the greatest...
  15. ZombieResponseUnit

    SOLD 3B H55 combo

    PM sending....
  16. ZombieResponseUnit

    losing fuel from carb

    OK, I'm sure this is a common thing but I haven't been able to find the answer here. So, the current vehicle is an '82 fj60 that is new to me. It's been setting for a looong time (over 10years) and it's taken a wail to get it running (cloged fuel lines, etc). Now it will start on starter...
  17. ZombieResponseUnit

    Hj45 air intake

    I found a K&N filter for my '80 HJ45. I"ll try to check on that P/N and get back to you.
  18. ZombieResponseUnit

    webasto + heat exchanger + shower = quiet morning showers?

    This sounds great. I live off the grid, and currently (when the wood stove stove isn't running) don't have hot water. Could you just have valves to pipe water directly through the Webasto? Subscribed.
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