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  1. ThePostman3

    For Sale  1986 Toyota FJ60

    SOLD _________ Having to sell my 1986 FJ60. She is in Little Rock, Arkansas. Was on my way to Texas when she blew a head gasket lost antifreeze and score a gouge in cylinder 3. She is a parts number matching vehicle, except the engine, which will now need replacing again. She has a total of...
  2. ThePostman3

    Wanted  2F Engine in decent condition.

    Hey guys I live in Carterville, Il and am in college. I have a 1986 Toyota that i have pulled out of my families barn and got running with an engine swap and everything. This is the first car i've worked on. sadly on my way back to my home town of Waco Texas she decided to go south on me and i...
  3. ThePostman3

    Carb. Cooling fan questions.

    Hey guys so I have pretty much gotten her running in top condition but I think my cooling fan for the carb. Didn't work I have read some threads on it but I need a few questions answered and prob a few pics. So she runs off the cooling system I get that but is that connected to the temp gauge...
  4. ThePostman3

    Power steering pump questions

    alright so I've been driving without a power steering pump for a while and have been searching for a replacement, but i also am curious if there are any pumps that can be converted to fit in the original pumps position on an Fj60 2f engine. if anyone has any info or has don something like this...
  5. ThePostman3

    Wanted  good in working condition coil and igniter fj60

    hey guys i have been going through my car diagnosing my ignition problems and have come to a conclusion that its possibly my coil and igniter messing up. Let me know what you have and your price.
  6. ThePostman3

    ignitor and coil conversion?

    Now i am having issues with my ignitor and coil, just as a lot of other people have had. I am looking for a replacement ignitor if possible but are there any threads on a conversion to a different ignitor and coil, or has anyone attempted to use a different ignitor or coil on this rig with...
  7. ThePostman3

    Distributor issues

    when you pull out a distributor and replace it with a new one is it just a bolt on and go or is there a procedure to the timing and firing?
  8. ThePostman3

    Rebuild a power Steering pump

    Hey guys im looking into getting my power steering pump rebuilt dose anyone have a guy or know of a shop that i can mail it to to get it rebuilt?
  9. ThePostman3

    Wanted  Distributor wanted for an 86 fj60

    Looking for a fairly low mileage and in great condition distributor. i believe mine has shot out which is why my ignition coil isnt sparking correctly. i have replaced the coil with a new one so now i believe its the distributor. Contact via PM or by text at 2548559028 Thanks!
  10. ThePostman3

    50 MPH Sputtering

    Hey guys so i just replaced my carb. with i refurbished carb. from Cruiser Corp., but I'm having issues right out the my old carb wouldn't idle at 650-700 the new one dose that's a plus, but when i am going up to speed now especially in 3rd and 4th gear i'm getting something like...
  11. ThePostman3

    Wanted  Power Steering Pump FJ60 series

    HI i am looking for an FJ60 Power Steering Pump. if you have one please message me with details on possible milage on part. what year its off of and what condition it is in thanks!
  12. ThePostman3

    Wanted  Looking for intake and exhaust manifold. FJ60

    Hey guys I'm looking for an intake and exhaust manifold to replace my supposed cracked manifolds on my 1986 FJ60. Also to have as secondaries if something happens. Hopefully not looking to spend to much if possible so if your trying to part out a vehicle and still have them let me know...
  13. ThePostman3

    Wanted  Rear sway bar for an 86 FJ60 series

    Hey guys I'm looking to get rid of more of my body roll that I defiantly have a lot of. I know one way is to implement sway bars onto the cruiser and am in the market for one. Hit me up if you have one in good condition for a decent value thanks!
  14. ThePostman3

    Wanted  Wheel spacers 1.25 or 1.5 inch.

    Hey guys looking to make my Landcruisers stance a bit wider. Wondering if anyone is trying to get rid of any wheel spacers. Hit me up via message or post thanks!
  15. ThePostman3

    How to fix a flooding carb.?

    well guys after i recently fixed a gas a leak on my fuel system my carburetor decided to flood. it backfired the other day and caused a small fire in my engine bay... thankfully only hoses were destroyed. cant figure out why the carb. would flood i have rebuilt it to speck at least 3 times...
  16. ThePostman3

    Wanted  Smog pump and possibly power steering pump for 1986 FJ60

    - Hey guys my smog pump is starting to act up and i am looking for a good used smog pump for a replacement. if anyone has one that would be Great! message me or email me at - second i am also looking for a replacement power steering pump mine dried up and shredded...
  17. ThePostman3

    Oils for everything

    Alright guys im looking to replace all my oils in my FJ60 what do yall recommend as replacements in the differentials, transfer-case and the transmission. which would work best and so forth would be awesome, as well as the cost and amount I would need for each job. Thanks guys!
  18. ThePostman3

    Desmogging Process?

    Look i know when it comes to desmogging that there are a lot of threads on it and that's awesome. but i am a more visual and understand type of person and was wondering if anyone has either put together a video of the process in step by step form if not could someone? Also has someone put...
  19. ThePostman3

    Wanted  Power Steering Pump needed for a 1986 fj60

    Hey guys my fj60 Steering pump has crapped out i am in the market for one and i would like a decently low mileage used one. Message me if there are any inquiries on this part. Thanks.
  20. ThePostman3

    Wanted  FJ60 Wheel Spacers

    hey guys looking for some 2" - 1.5" wheel spaces for my FJ. need to push out my 2014 landcruiser rims a bit more from the body. would like a good deal on all four and they need to be of course the bolt down kind with all the bolts. Thanks!
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