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    Interesting 40 story from a Toyota tech about THE major F weekness.

    I drove with my F engine at 80 mph a couple times after seeing an old ad claiming it was capable of cruising at that speed. On one of those drives the various parts of the engine realized they had irreconcilable differences and broke up at 80 mph on the freeway. Now I have a 2F under the my...
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    FJ80 Taper Tap?

    As luck would have it, my wife is taking the kids to her sister's house next week. I'm looking forward to meeting up.
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    FJ80 Taper Tap?

    Not to raise a dead thread, but I just moved to Alpine and am hoping to make an upcoming Beach and Toys meeting. In the mean time I am interested to meet other Landcruiser owners in So Cal, and I have the correct tapered reamer for 80 series rod ends.
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    F to F2 Engine Swap Info Needed

    I did this. Years ago on a college budget. I put together a 76 2f and dropped in my 9/71. I had a webber carb with an after market throttle cable on the F intake and headers and kept both manifolds, I had a pertronix ignition and so I kept all the ignition components including the dizzy. The...
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    Feeler ::::::: info ::::: Late model 40 series hardtop (vent windows style) pricing ?

    I sold one in central CA with minimal rust, no holes just some stains showing in the white paint for $1,800 three years ago. Truly rust free, and in your market I'd ask for more than that. Good reproduction bows are $1,200+ and still need to be painted to match your cruiser; and a high quality...
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    Later Ammeter gauge in earlier cluster

    Did you go through with this? I am considering the same for my 9/71.
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    93 aisin locking hubs

    I have 77' knuckles etc. that I got cheap and swapped on to my 72 years ago, but have wanted to change to the shorter style birfield so I can get some aftermarket shafts. I thought I needed a later model knuckle to do that, do I just need later locking hubs?
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    What color is this?

    Too Tall, I'd be interested in those notes. I may want to paint my cruiser before the end of this year, and Fashion Green is certainly on the potential colors list. I may go with a matte finish though.
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    IH8MUD racing

    I'd love a mud jeresey, but I dont really race. I just ride around the sierra nevadas. Hate to admit but I do more 4x4 trails on my bike than I've done in my Cruiser.
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    Estimate for work.. what say you

    10 hours X 2 Guys X $65/hr median shop rate = $1300 Do you trust them? Did some one recomend them? Have they been around a long time and work alot on Cruisers? Is the shop clean and organized and have a good reputation? Your break down of the estimate looks funny, and if that were given to me...
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    Rock hit T-fitting now no brakes?

    Is the resevoir on the master cylinder empty? My 72 has seperate front and rear reservoirs and when the rear has leaked out all fluid before, the front still worked fine and I had almost no loss of overall brakeing performance.
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    70 FJ40 - ignition question

    I put a 76 2f into my 72 when my F grenaded. It fit right in with no mods. If I recall correctly I even used the F flywheel and clutch. However, I am kicking my self because I put the alternator in the original location where it goes on the F, I should have moved the wiring and relocated it...
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    Steering joint?

    I am gathering parts for the same conversion. THe shaft I pulled had the U-joint. But I also "got" a flaming river U joint.
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    (Long) Intro and a couple questions

    Your best bet is just to hop in a few and see how they feel to you. You might look for an FJ45 wagon (hard to find and expect to pay for it) or an FJ60-Fj62 which are wagons , newer , disk brakes, Power steering, available fuel injected, and when you are ready they can be sprung over or lifted...
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    Got new Marlin crawler axel seals

    That's cause they want to be in there soo bad:D
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    Got new Marlin crawler axel seals

    Yeah I did talk to him about it. We actually got a shaft and a stock seal and his and kind of mocked up what is happening when they are installed. The way the stock seal is put together there is sort of a spring that keeps the rubber tense on the axle, as the axle rotates, if it is out of...
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    REAL TIME HELP on new purchase - won't shift

    Anybody run DOT 5 fluid instead of DOT3 ? supposed to be good for 4x4 because it doesn't absorbe water. If you wee going to change out the slave and master you should be able to flush out the line and change over. Just food for thought.
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    Broken bolt + broken easy out = ?

    The best thing I've tried is to weld a nut on to the broken bolt and then get a wrench on it before it cools. But you have be careful not to weld the bolt into the hole either. You are going to want to clean it up a bit, and get any penetrant off of it before you try to weld it ( I use...
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    Inner Oil Seal Problem

    The longs are machined before they are heat treated to save wear on the machines. When they are heat treated it can introduce a little bit of run out (measured as much as .026" in one case). Marlin says his new seals hold up to it. Having inspected a pair and examined them next to a set of...
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    Got new Marlin crawler axel seals

    I stopped by Marlin's shop yesterday to get a pair of his new HD axle seals. He is really excited about these and talked to me at length about them. I won't actually get them on my rig for a few weeks still but when we were comparing them to an oem seal they really seemed like a great idea. I...
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