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    SOLD  Miami, FL 2001 Landcruiser 100 series

    Haven't been the most active poster on mud but long time subscriber Asking 5k since I have tried to maintain her well with an open checkbook, recently replaced some expensive parts, and always fixed her with a friend that is a Lexus/Toyota Mechanic doing the more laborious work... Just bought...
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    Wanted  Florida: 2008-2010 LX570

    Hello everyone, Looking to upgrade from my 2001 Landcruiser to a White 2008-2010 LX 570 Specifically 2008 - 2010 range only in White or Gray (not silver) 120k mileage (under 100k preferred) Prefer Florida vehicle 1 or 2 owner Service records if possible well maintained OEM Setup no major mods...
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    '01 Landcruiser NAV Screen Problem

    Hi everyone, well I hate to say but this started a few months ago with some small visual cracks internal to my Nav screen and has gotten progressively worse (to now) where my NAV screen seems to be almost delaminating internally... I have a 2001 TLC with 190k miles, and it's in the hot FL...
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    Headlight Flicker - Possibly Alternator?

    I have a 2001 TLC with 187k and noticed the last few months that the headlights will flicker dull then back up while interstate driving... Still have original 9006 setup for headlights. Kinda looks like I'm flashing my lights off/on almost. Have a 2 year old Optima battery that should still have...
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