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    I sold the LC, and the Jeep, to buy a pick-up again. Lots going on, tryng to finish a house etc., no time for toys. I will be back. Just want to thank all of you for introducing me to the greatest four by four on Earth. I'll be done with boards for a while, so take care, will see ya in the near...

    Just an Update on 4:88's and 33's

    I really like them. I've been running them now for almost a year, the gears that is. The 33's for about 4 mos. They are perfect for the 3FE'ed 80 series. I'm tellin' ya. If you want performance out of a well maintained early 80 series with the 3FE, go with the gears. I've been flogging the 'ol...

    Serious Problem With The 'Ol Girl

    We've been working really hard lately, she's getting muddy on a regular basis... but it's just not real off-roading. New house job site, carrying lumber, and assorted things inside and out, towing trailers... she put up a fuss when I tried to get her a faux Asian Alternator for Christmas.. she...

    Alternator/ Non Yota

    Yup, Y'all were right. My nice Taiwanese Alternator lasted one week... Is that a record? Makes that 9 to 3 am exchange feel so worth it. The Voltage regulator went Friday. Headlights bright, then dim, then bright, then dim. I even have people flashing their brights back at me. I guess they...

    80-MUD-AND The Human Element

    Maybe this is chat, mods can move if you need to; I just have to thank this crew on here, my 80 series brothers. A lot has changed recently with my life... all good... Building a house is incredibly time consuming, nerve wracking, worriesome, angry... etc. times. A lot of good times too...

    The 80/ Master of the Construction Zone

    I guess it's just my dumb luck, but I just can't believe how well this near 200,000 mile truck does for me every day of the week. On the way out to my new home site, my Dad commented on how nice the Cruiser was. He said I thought you were crazy when you sold that Ford truck with 80,000 miles on...

    "J" springs AND 38.5x14.50x15" tires on 15x10 rims with 2"es of BS

    Here is a teaser picture of my cruiser on 38.5x14.50x15" TSL SX's. Check out the ROTW of mine for some more. ok a couple more;

    Builds  Rotw Mjaddiction

    Rotw Mjaddiction Hey Y'all! I can't believe it, but nearly a year has passed since I bought the '92 FJ 80. I really never intended to buy an 80 Series. I came here to sell an FJ-40 for my B-in-law's best friend who was killed in a construction accident. I searched, and landed on this site...

    Pictures with some OME "J's"

    I thought they were heavies. Found out that the "J" springs are not heavies. I'm very happy with them. Thanks BFletcher! Comparison; In the weeds; Skyward; More pics in my other thread on "Heavies"

    OME Heavies, Finally

    OME Heavies oops, they're "J's", Finally Well, BFletch was selling some OME heavies and caster corrections for the right price, So..... I had to buy them. :D Really, I needed some new springs as the old originals with nearly 200,ooo miles on them were worn out. Even with the new shocks...

    3FE with snorkel, improved accel. response?

    I've really noticed an improvement on thes cool 50 to 60* mornings we've had lately in acceleration. The 3FE seems to really like the cooler weather. I wonder if I added a snorkel, if the cold air would help all year round. I have to say that you all have really changed me with these...

    Updated Pics With 33's, and Fogs New Location

    Here are a couple of the latest pictures. I hated the Fog lights on the Damage Multiplier, so I Set them into the bumper. I also have some new 33x12.50 BFG AT KO's. Finally starting the house build. The Cruiser likes it up there... YES I must confess, I also put the running...

    Under Hood Heat on '91-92's

    I've been noticing that the blower/cooling electric fan comes on when I park the truck in the garage. It's soooo hot here right now, I've decided to lift the hood when I park it. I've noticed that the fan hasn't needed to come on. I can only think that this would be good for the EFI fuse, since...

    Drove an '97 FZJ 80 yesterday

    I saw it in the paper, a 40th anniv. edition, $10750 obo. Now I've driven the newer 80's before, but it was a while ago. I've got a good feel for my '92 FJ80 now, and thought I could make a realistic comparison. First off the '97 80 is really nice. The interior is more up-to-date, and is...

    Monroe shocks; had to do it

    Well, Bottom of OEM front shock bolt broke off. This over loaded the other OEM front shock and blew it. I headed to the nearest tire store and had 4 Monroe's put on the 'Ol Girl. My impressions.... The Monroe's are too soft, as every other thread on this topic has stated about these...

    Towing Heavy with 3FE and 4:88's

    Finally got to test out the HEAVY towing ability with the 3FE and the 4:88's with the 32" tires... UNBELIEVABLE!!! I have a 3y/o Chaparral Deck Boat that weighs about 4500lbs empty, with a double axle trailer weighing 1500lbs. The trailer has the newer surge brakes that work very well. If...

    My Girls First Time Off-Road

    Finally got to use the cruiser's four wheel drive. We bought 3 acres recently and are preparing to build. The house will sit on top of a hill, so I took an old dirt road, and a rough cut road up the hill with my girls. They were frightened at first, but the cruiser went up the mud slick hill...

    3FE'd 80 wins Drag Race!!!

    Yes, it happened yesterday. I was at one of those lights that has two lanes, narrowing down to a single lane. I'm first in line, in the correct lane for the merge, when this "race car" pulls up in the cheaters lane. You know, the lane where the special people like to get in when they want to...

    I Love My 80

    I've been gone for a couple of weeks without the 80 to drive. I was glad to finally drive it around the last two days. I've been waved to by a female Jeeper, and a few other lifted Yota P-up driver's. My friends in the hood stop to talk about her if she's in the d-way. One of my...

    Pics of the 80

    Here are some new pictures. Really runs great now, just need to save up for the ARB, Sliders, and the OME. And, a new center cap for the front wheel... My littlest Girl Loves the 80 too;
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