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    swap motors 91 into 92

    I completed the head gasket job on the '92 the other day and did the de-smog on it plus replaced the OEM injectors with 4 port injectors off eBay. got it started with a massive new ROAR to it. it was dark with only a 1 LED flashlight and didn't realize the water pump wasn't turning because the...
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    head removal ? find TDC first?

    do I need to set to TDC before removing the head? and how do I find it? it wasn't clear where the view port is or with the valve cover off is it obvious? I'm admittedly an idiot but no mechanic around here would touch it.
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    to swap engines or front quarter panel and grill?

    I am a total noobie on these engines. I have a crashed 91 and a blown head yesterday on a 92 with at least 370K miles. The 91 was running well before I was attacked by a mesquite tree going about 15 mph. Those trees can move fast when they know you are looking at the coffee spill instead of the...
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