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    460 Luxury Lift: KDSS/Air Compressor/AFS Questions

    Installing the Ironman FCP lift tomorrow on my 2016 GX460 Luxury with driver support/afs. I've done a similar install on my 2006 GX470 but it didn't have kdss/fancy headlights and pulling fuses worked great. 1. The ironman install video has you lift the truck, turn the KDSS valves 2 full turns...
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    Builds  GXPLOR: Car Camping Edition Build

    Figured I should start a build thread for my new to me 2016 Lexus GX460 Luxury with Mark Levinson and Driver Support Package (crawl control, front/side cameras, safety stuff) w/65k miles. Picked it up a couple of months ago after selling my 2006 GX470. Old GX470 GX460 day of purchase First...
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    For Sale  Sold

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    GX470 Suspension Recommendation

    Looking for suspension recommendations for my 2006 GX470 (currently 123k miles, stock suspension, 265/70r17 c load bfgs) Uses/Planned Mods: Non daily driver Long road trips with crap dirt roads/tracks thrown in. Very minimal crawling. Tow an extremely light trailer (venturcraft trailblazer...
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    Hello all, name is Scott I'm a Master's Student at SOU and Toyota junky. Ran across this forum looking around for local toyota people. So do you guys limit yourselves to cruisers or do you also accept other yota's? I'm not much into hard core wheeling but love to get around and explore...
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    Compression Test how too??? Specs?

    I searched but could not find. How do you do a compression test on an fj60? I've only done fuel injected vehicles before so how can I easily/quickly crank over the engine without dumping fuel into it? or breaking anything lol? What is the factory range/specs? I'm thinking about picking up...
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    Thinking about picking up an fj60

    So I'm currently a student at OIT studying mechanical engineering in Klamath Falls OR and I'm thinking about picking up an fj60. My purpose for the vehicle would be exploring around beautiful southern OR, getting back into trail heads for hiking/mountain biking/fishing etc, winter treks in the...
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