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  1. Rattlewagon

    Jericho Creepy Crawl Oct 24-25

    I went up to this last year, it was a blast. Going up again on the 24th. =AZVhqhdMq9s3guJ3HEpB1FBGAN8o-PhVSybPh4WeP_X1bWoBJwIuN9wyNHRVPeoaim1BZJ6naPLexxeXytBpp_9qQUVMNiR1KpOZ25XO-VjOqNHPp9ZgsHU46Ei6PYgwjmnEAzrzYwQmApNWBUTz71cf8th32j6MK6PNE_1Ing8zk5LnXMGncFvLiDJjnjCsg38&__tn__=-UK-R']Creepy...
  2. Rattlewagon

    87 4runner - Marlin Crawler Doubler install

    A friend bought this 4runner as parts, ended up not being that bad for a trail rig (mechanically good, rusty bad) . Best thing was that it came with a Marlin Crawler MC-07 10* clocked doubler, a spare top shift tcase, a few tacoma ( I think) drive shafts. Pulled the w56 out of a...
  3. Rattlewagon

    Cruiser Photo Challenge

    Have seen this type of thing on other forums, did a search and didn't see one here so let's give it a shot. Here's how you play: Someone issues a challenge for players to go out and get pictures! For example: Your truck near a large body of water OR your cruiser with a good looking lady on it...
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