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  1. jpoole

    Any thoughts on alignment report?

    Had the alignment checked on my '97. It's on stock/original springs with 30mm coil spacers on all 4 corners. Drives pretty well but I'm still curious if those that know more about these measurements see anything of interest in them.
  2. jpoole

    80 Series Knuckle Centering Tool and Shim Kit Options

    I'm prepping for a front axle service and want to check/set knuckle centering and preload while in there. I've started looking for Knuckle centering tools and/or alternative procedures for setting centering. I know most folks just replace the shims that came out but my axle/knuckles have a...
  3. jpoole

    Precision dipstick operation suggestions request

    Hello Mudders, I need ideas for how to get a precise reading on the transmission dipstick on my '97 with the A343F. Backstory is that my 80 developed a bit of a transmission fluid leak on a 5 hour drive yesterday which I noticed thanks to atf spots on the rear window/hatch. In the time...
  4. jpoole

    Expedition Portal - Why the 80 is the next classic 4wd

    An article that most of us probably agree with: Not sure how wide the distribution is for that site but a few more articles like that and the inexpensive 80s will probably disappear.
  5. jpoole

    Shaun Whale's "best landcruiser ever built" on an 80 chassis

    I enjoy the 4wd action videos and just saw the following for the first time. Of note in my opinion is that Shaun chose an 80 chassis as the basis for his build which I agree is the best choice ;) Skip to 3:45 for the 80 chassis bit:
  6. jpoole

    Factory roof rack rust cause found?

    I recently pulled my factory roof rack for inspecting and rust treatment and believe that I may have found a leading reason why the factory rack mounting points often rust out so badly. It looks like water flows in from above and then gets trapped inside the rack feet. See what look like water...
  7. jpoole

    FREE  97 FZJ80 front passenger fender

    White, front passenger fender from a '97 collectors edition. Has damage in front/lower area that was pulled into shape with drilling/pulling so there are a number of holes. Not going to be worth shipping but I wanted to post it up in case someone needed a fender to cut for a trail rig or...
  8. jpoole

    For Sale  FZJ80 Cowl

    I believe this body part is called a cowl but in any case it's the metal strip, with vents, that is below the windshield and behind the hood. This one is very straight and rust free but the paint is not that good so a strip and re-spray will be needed if cosmetic perfection is desired. $75...
  9. jpoole

    For Sale  FZJ80 wheel with steel inserts

    Earlier FZ wheel with steel inserts in lug holes. A bit of rash but not much corrosion. $40 plus shipping, if needed. Local pickup in Chattanooga, TN preferred
  10. jpoole

    For Sale  FZJ80 Front Axle Housing, unlocked, Chattanooga TN

    Later FZJ80, straight and solid unlocked axle housing available. Can include knuckles, relay rod and a few other bits and pieces still on the housing. Does not include shafts or birfields. Have third with carrier but without ring and pinion. Ideally can sell this to a local to avoid the...
  11. jpoole

    VSV valve switch control

    Hello All, I'm still in the long process of getting through the initial baselining my project '97 FZJ80. After replacing involved hoses, EGR modulator, VSV switch, cleaning intake, etc. I enjoyed months of being PO401 free but I've started seeing occasional PO401 codes recently and have...
  12. jpoole

    To VC or not to VC

    That is the question, to run a VC or not to run a VC? VC = Viscous Coupler Background: The VC on my '97 FZJ80 is locked up. Front drive shaft is out for now but I'll be servicing the front axle soon, reinstalling the front shaft and then plan to either pull the VC and run without it or...
  13. jpoole

    Factory front locker won't turn off

    Hello All, The factory front diff lock on my '97 will not turn off or disengage while plugged in at the axle end. If I disconnect the two plugs on the front axle that are in the locker area then the front locker disengages and the dash light goes out. If those two plugs are connected the dash...
  14. jpoole

    Head bolt reuse experience

    Hello All, I wanted to pass along some information on head bolt reuse as I'm sure there are others, like me, that want to avoid replacing them all if there is no need. Opinions vary on this topic so I figure an account of 1 more experience with these could be helpful to someone. Last weekend...
  15. jpoole

    FZJ80 lower intake removal by sawzall

    I've heard mention of cutting the lower intake manifold to remove it without disconnecting the harness on either end, etc. but have never seen pictures so I thought I'd share a few. The story is that after pulling the head on my '97, with lower intake in place but pulled out of the way, I...
  16. jpoole

    For Sale  91 rescue candidate

    Not mine but seems like a good candidate for rescue. Tranny could be an easy fix? Bit of rust unfortunately but doesn't look extensive. Don't know if it's still available but thought I'd post it here for the benefit of another mudder: 91 land cruiser parts truck
  17. jpoole

    MUDShip  Need a ride for a door, Butte MT to Chattanooga TN area

    Hello, I'm looking to buy a driver side, rear door from a fellow mudder in Butte MT. Shipping is around $200 for that since it requires a crate. Without knowing much about this Mudship thing I thought I'd try it out. Anyone have room for a door from MT to somewhere around Chattanooga TN? I...
  18. jpoole

    Head removed, hg pics 230k

    We've had a warm snap here in East Tennessee which gave me a chance to do a bit more work on the FZJ80 I bought in the Fall (no garage). The first job is baselining starting with engine work including replacing the head gasket. The truck has 230k on it, ran great and had really good/consistent...
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