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    SOLD  Redmond, WA - 80 series Dobinsons rear bumper, NEW, still in shipping wrap.

    Price: $1830 - updated / corrected for the initially considered price; As title says, for sale 80 series Dobinsons rear bumper with dual swings - tire carrier and dual jerry cans...
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    Barrie, ON fellow mudder

    looking for a fellow mudder in the Barrie ON to help me picking up a package from an address in L0K post code area and shipping to Vancouver BC. Please let me know if willing to help.
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    1fz-fe (96) engine HG job

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a reputable shop / private mechanic for a HG job on my '96 1fz-fe engine (246K km original engine). Greater Vancouver area plus Squamish, Abbotsford up to and included Chililwack. The engine and tranny is sitting in my garage in long block kind of stage, no accessories...
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