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  1. Bat Masterson

    VOXX Rear Seat Entertainment Thoughts?

    I am evaluating different rear seat entertainment options for my kids and prefer something other than the factory option. I found what appears to be a fairly solid solution even though it is pricey at $1200. It is still cheaper than OEM by almost $1000. Best of can remove it! Here...
  2. Bat Masterson

    OEM Roof Rack Differences 2008 -2019?

    Does anyone know if and what differences there are from 2008 - 2019? Looking for options to replace my original that is looking a bit tired.
  3. Bat Masterson

    Wanted  200 Series OEM Roof Rack

    Looking for a like new 200 OEM roof rack. Bat
  4. Bat Masterson

    Wanted  2016 200 Series Wheels/Tires (Takeoffs) Wanted - DC/VA/MD

    Looking for 2016-2019 200 Series LC wheels/tires at reasonable price. I live in Northern VA and can drive to pickup in this region. Thanks, Bat
  5. Bat Masterson

    Wanted  Grey OEM Roof Mount DVD Monitor for a 2003+ 100 Series

    Looking for a grey 100 series OEM DVD flip down LCD monitor for my 2001. I do not currently have one in the truck but would like to use it with my aftermarket head unit. I believe it will work -- just need a monitor in nice condition with the hardware.
  6. Bat Masterson

    For Sale  Five 16" 100 Series Wheels/Tires/Caps ***SOLD***

    ***PRICE REDUCED TO $400 FOR ALL 5 + CENTER CAPS!!!*** I just upgraded to 18" OEM wheels and selling my 16" OEM wheels off my 2001 100 Series. The tires are Nexen Roadians with only 1500 miles. 4 out of the 5 wheels are in excellent shape and have a hyper silver finish. The center caps are...
  7. Bat Masterson

    2003-2007 OEM Roof Rack fit on a 2001?

    I searched extensively and cannot definitely find the answer. I bought a 2001 with a tired looking OEM roof rack and would like to know if anyone can tell me if a 2003-2007 OEM roof rack will fit on a 2001 100 series? I cannot find anyone that had done this but some have reported it may be...
  8. Bat Masterson

    Adding Bluetooth to e7003 OEM Nav w/Sat Headunit in 2001

    Hi all, I recently pickup a 2001 100 series and noticed the previous owner had installed what appears to be a 2005 era Toyota e7003 JBL Nav Radio with XM Satellite. It works fine and really enjoy the XM radio feature. I also like the Toyota OEM concept in this vehicle and looking to find a...
  9. Bat Masterson

    Wanted  03-07 100 Series Factory Roof Rack Wanted

    Looking for an 03-07 roof rack in like-new condition with 100% of parts in tact. Please PM me if you have one and are willing to ship.
  10. Bat Masterson

    Wanted  WTB - Two Thundercloud Metallic Running Boards in Excellent Condition

    I have a 2001 LC and would like to add running boards. Looking for two with mounting hardware in excellent condition. I think 98-07 might fit. I am in the DC/VA/MD area. Please PM me if you would like to offload yours. -Bat
  11. Bat Masterson

    Wanted  WTB - Five 18" 03-07 100 Series Wheels in DC Area

    I am looking for 5 close to flawless 18" wheels for my 2001 LC. Please PM me if you would like to get rid of them. I have 5 16" in excellent condition with brand new tires and would consider a trade arrangement. Thanks! -Bat
  12. Bat Masterson

    Paint-Matched Decals for Body Side Rails on a 1999?

    Hi all, I recently purchased a 1999 River rock Green Metallic 100 Series and have noticed a mis-match on the body side rail strip between the drivers vs passenger sides. Looking at other used rigs on Autotrader leads me to believe there was some paint work done on the driver side rail...
  13. Bat Masterson

    How Do I Remove Roof Rack Cross Members?

    Hi all, Can someone please instruct me as to how I remove the cross members from my 1999 100 Series? I have another member that may be selling his and we both need to know how to remove them without creating any damage. Dave
  14. Bat Masterson

    Bat Masterson - New Cruiser!

    Hi everyone! I am happy to say that I could not last much longer without a Land Crusier (and see that Maine Mike is really enjoying my old 80 series), so I went out and bought a 1999 100 series. I looked around and could not find a clean 80 series and decided to bump up to a 100 series due to...
  15. Bat Masterson

    1999 OEM Roof Rack Cross Bars

    Hi, I was curious if anyone has had problems with the paint coming off of the 100 series 1999 cross members on the OEM roof rack? Also--I would be interested in buying 2 used ones if there are no paint chips. It seems like after market rack attachments pull the paint off pretty easy...
  16. Bat Masterson

    Free OEM Bumper and Springs

    I have a grey OEM front bumper and 4 coil springs from my former 1996 80 Series Land Cruiser (Bat Masterson rig) I live in The Plains Virginia and would like for someone to come and get them. I will throw them in the dumpster in 2 weeks if no one responds. Good deal...come and get it...
  17. Bat Masterson

    Thank You All!!! Belated Hello and Goodbye

    Hi all, I am sad to say goodbye to everyone on this board. Even though I have only been a member for about 1 year, the experience has been life changing. I know that sounds corny but it is due to the quality of people on this board willing to help and provide you information to save you...
  18. Bat Masterson

    Yaesu 7800R Install with Proclips Mount

    Hi all, Unfortunately, I have to sell my 80 series to buy a commuter car (listed on ebay :crybaby:). I did just finish my 7800 install a couple of weeks ago. I ended up mounting the head unit on a Proclips center dashboard mount and ran the data cable into the crack in the dash so it is a...
  19. Bat Masterson

    Bat Masterson's Rig for Sale-96' 80 Series

    Unfortunately--Due to family/financial reasons I am going to have to part with my 96' Green 80 Series. I have had it for a little over 1 year and have absolutely loved baselining and working on my build. I really appreciate all of the advice and wealth of information on this board. My...
  20. Bat Masterson

    Spare Tail Light Connector and Mystery Hose

    I removed my passenger side rear panel in the cargo area with the built in cubby and noticed an unused electrical connector and what looks like a spare rear windshield washer hose tucked in behind the rear tail light. Can someone tell me why these are not used? Thanks, Dave
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