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    SOLD 2008 Cayenne Turbo

    Nice! How did you like the Cayenne overall? I have been interested in them. How is it with those ridge grapplers on there?!
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    TB Change Due To Age?

    Thanks a lot for all the input here, helps a lot, mud is a killer resource!
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    TB Change Due To Age?

    I think I am going to change it, feel like if I don't I am just going to be needlessly worrying about it ha
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    TB Change Due To Age?

    I've got an 05 with ~85,000 mi on it with original timing belt, was wondering about folks opinions on whether or not to change it and water pump due to age? I've got a long trip coming up and have been stressing about whether or not we need to change it, now (as usual) I am cutting it close...
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    Help With Shock Washer Issue

    Think these are the shocks that came off I drilled out the centers to fit on the new OEM shocks. Wondering if I can re-use the two washers from the Monroe shocks and just buy the OEM retainer that has the lip that @Ayune mentions? That would be a much cheaper route. Looks like if I buy all...
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    Help With Shock Washer Issue

    Dang, looks like I have screwed up as the truck is on jacks currently. I was positive the old shocks were OEM but I was wrong. Guess I am going to have to try to track these down. Assuming there are not any O'Reillys, NAPA, etc substitutes. Dealer obviously won't be open until Monday. Thanks all...
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    Help With Shock Washer Issue

    Excellent, thank you! Started worrying about getting them wrong. One other thing we ran into on the shocks- was planning on re using the top washers. The washers on the top of the shocks I just took off will not go on the new OEM shocks. The hole is too small, not by much, but definitely too...
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    Help With Shock Washer Issue

    In the middle of installing 865 rear coils with new OEM shocks. About to put the coils in and neither is labeled A or B. Both just have tags that say 865X. Both appear to be exact same height. Was anticipating there being an A and a B label. Also was thinking DS would be just a tad taller. These...
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    Stock Suspension w/ RTT?

    Nice! Appreciate it fellas
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    Stock Suspension w/ RTT?

    Ya, good point, I guess I was just wondering if I would potentially overload the stock suspension with RTT, gear, dogs, etc.
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    Stock Suspension w/ RTT?

    Have read some conflicting things on this, have a 2008 GX with stock suspension. Wondering if the CVT Shasta (~125 lbs) would cause the GX to sag to the point of it being an issue? We use it for road trips/camping/fishing etc. so want to be able to be comfortable on long interstate drives to get...
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    Aftermarket TPMS

    Oddly the light was off when I picked it up from DT. They must have reset them somehow. I checked all tires including spare before I went and all were in spec, so not sure what to make of that. Who knows, bet it comes back on soon, will just disable if/when it does!
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    Aftermarket TPMS

    Getting some new treads put on tomorrow at Discount Tire. I know I have TPMS issues, I am tempted to just disarm the whole thing but the folks at DT were trying to talk me in to having them replace them. Seems like I have heard mixed reviews as to whether that will be a lasting fix or not...
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    For Sale 2008 GMC Yukon Denali ~140,000 mi Knoxville,TN $8,000

    No, mine is white, I think I saw the one you are talking about on CL though.
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    For Sale  2008 GMC Yukon Denali ~140,000 mi Knoxville,TN $8,000

    Bought a GX and need to sell the Yukon. Has a few small issues, but great running truck, rides like a dream on the highway, great road trip vehicle. $8000 mud price before I list locally. Will get some pics uploaded if there is any interest.
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    craigslist Nashville,TN 2000 LX 36,000 miles- Not Mine

    Agreed, not recommending just thought it was interesting, always interesting to me to see how the low mileage ones pan out.
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    craigslist  Nashville,TN 2000 LX 36,000 miles- Not Mine

    Just saw this, wowza, just thought I would pass on
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    For Sale Sarasota FL 2004 GX470 94K 4WD 1 owner clean carfax Lexus dealer $14K

    @Zero Emissions Have you been to check it out? Interested and not local, just curious if you had seen it? Thanks!
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    pict of curiser with 285/75/16 tires

    @WDEcruisin and @ga89hoss which OME kit are you guys running? Both sharp looking trucks!
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    Freakin' Blade Refills!

    @CloudCity I wondered that but they almost definitely are OEM, I'll try to post up a pic later. I have used those Bosch Icons a decent amount on a Yukon and may just go that route.
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