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  1. Wayzata

    Rusted / Leaking connector for gas lines and breather

    Hi guys, Local dealer wants $100 for the connector that sits in between the breather and the tank. For now I have just plugged the one line that was the worst offender. Any thoughts? Can you skip the connector? Anyone have a used one in decent shape?
  2. Wayzata

    Timing chain question on 1FZ re-assembly

    Hey mudders, Reassembling the 1FZ in the garage after a head job and bearings. Have engine at TDC 0 degrees. Head timing marks on camshaft gears are also matching together with timing chain on and oil pump cover installed. Does it matter where the marks I put on the chain are at, or is it...
  3. Wayzata

    Real time help please - 1FZ reassembly

    Hi mudders, posted a note last night about the gears for the oil pump and on the crank--was wondering if someone could confirm that these gears are supposed to be free spinning: YouTube - 1FZ Engine question...
  4. Wayzata

    WTF!?! Two expensive problems in one day... Tranny & 4wd Solenoid

    Tranny is slipping and thudding on my 62 after swapping out rusted tranny cooling lines and replacing transmission fluid... And for some reason the 4WD Shifting Solenoid seems to be operating back words? Puts the truck in 4wd when switch is out, and out of 4wd when the button is depressed...
  5. Wayzata

    1fz / tranny / transfer case won't come out of truck

    Hey mudders, Need some help... Ready to pull engine, tranny and transfer case, but it's lifting the whole truck. Driveshafts are stuck in place, but nuts and bolts removed, motor mounts loose, etc. Whole truck lifts up when trying to raise engine, tranny and transfer case with cherry...
  6. Wayzata

    1FZ Rebuild / Replace costs, tips, comparisons and knowledge base

    Picked up a 1995 FJZ80 without lockers and pretty clean for MN for $750 last week to make my daily driver--it's now sitting in the garage with 267k and a knocking engine. I have been trying to read up as much as I can on rebuilding the engine versus replacing--and am now looking for your...
  7. Wayzata

    Wanted  Need a FZJ80 engine

    Hi all! Need an FZJ80 engine for a new Cruiser I bought in the last couple of days. Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota--would love to pickup. Prefer under 150k, reasonably priced. Call Dan at 952-473-5800 or wayzata [at]
  8. Wayzata

    1990 FJ62 Toyota Landcruiser $4250 in Minneapolis

    Very clean on the inside, standard rust on the outside.* Have clean and rust free lift and tail gate, as well as all four doors available for an extra fee.* All maintenance in the last 16 months.* All records available.* Drives excellent, four wheel drive works flawlessly.* Title in hand.*...
  9. Wayzata

    Leaning Cruiser - Many fix attempts-no results

    Recently got a 2.5 HFS rear spring lift to cure the sag, and now the truck is leaning to the drivers side. Have had it to Poser Steve, a well respected mechanic in Minnesota, as well as talked with Gaylen at Cool Cruisers of Texas--where purchased. Steve put in the famous plate on the...
  10. Wayzata

    FJ62 Brake Job Help Needed in Minneapolis

    Howdy, Working on the brake job from hell and need some fellow Cruiserhead to drop by my house in Wayzata to help with my rear brakes. The brake drum appears to be rusted right on to the brake pads--and I'm having trouble loosening the spring through the back of the brake plate. Willing to...
  11. Wayzata

    Parting 1988 FJ62 Minneapolis

    Parting out Postponed, way more demand than anticipated, will dis-assemble and relist when ready. To those who have placed an order, I will fill it. Beyond that email name, phone, and parts interested for fulfillment in 1st quarter 2007. Dan
  12. Wayzata

    1972 FJ40 Toyota Landcruiser $2000

    For sale: 1973 FJ40 for sale, located in Moose Lake, MN. Newer gas tank Brand new radiator Tune up - plugs, points, etc Battery Starts every time!!! Drove it around town recently, would not recommend driving it any distance beyond that. wayzata at 952-473-5800 9-5 central...
  13. Wayzata

    Wanted  Need exhaust for FJ62

    Need everything pictured. Please email wayzata at or 956-761-5000 before 9pm central. Thanks!
  14. Wayzata

    Wanted  Need tail gate and lift gate for FJ62

    Hello Mudders, I need a rust free undented liftgate and tailgate for the FJ62. Please email wayzata at or call 956-761-5000 before 9pm central. Thanks!
  15. Wayzata

    Toyota V8 for FJ40?

    Dreaming big about the 40 sitting in the garage. There seem to be a ton of 2 wheel drive V8 Tundra's available around here. I know the Chevy 350 is the popular choice, but why not keep it Toyota? Could you comment on what kind of tranny you might use? Stock? What about the differences...
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